Kathryn Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty" has leaked onto multiple torrent sites, before its released into theaters.

We previously reviewed "Zero Dark Thirty," and predicted that the film would win a plethora of awards in the 2013 Academy Awards and 2013 Golden Globes. However, today, the Oscar nominees were released, and "Zero Dark Thirty" only had 5 nominations, including one for Jessica Chastain for Best Actress and one for Best Picture, but no nominations for Bigelow as Best Director, which is a travesty. Perhaps the subject matter and some issues, including the very graphic torture scenes, were a little too controversial for the Academy voters. For those of you who haven't seen the film, you can now watch it online for free.

A torrent entitled "Zero Dark Thirty DVDSCR" appeared on multiple torrent sites earlier this week, adding to the list of movies that have been leaking as the Academy prepares for the Oscars. A DVD screener is an advance copy given to Academy Voters so they can watch and rate the film. Recently, Speilberg's "Lincoln," Tarantino's "Django Unchained," and "The Hobbit" all leaked online. "Lincoln," "Django," and "Zero Dark Thirty," were all nominated for Best Picture. "Django" and "The Hobbit" were only in theaters for about 2 weeks before they were leaked, but "Zero Dark Thirty" hasn't even been officially released. It received a limited release in December, but officially comes out on January 11. It's difficult to say how this will impact the sales for the film. Many moviegoers don't like downloading torrented files, considering the fact that they're illegal. But, still, many fans prefer to watch their movies at home, or for free, so torrenting remains prevalent online. This could be disastrous for the film. It was already snubbed for a lot of Academy Awards, and its kind of shocking considering how good the film is. Now, on top of that, if the film doesn't sell tickets, many people, including the studio, will be pointing fingers, most likely towards Bigelow, who incorporated very graphic, yet emotional, torture scenes, which many felt detracted from the movie and has stirred up a lot of controversy.

If you want to watch "Zero Dark Thirty" online for free, you can go to your favorite torrent site and search for the film. Make sure you look at the copy that says "DVDSCR" or "Screener," because that's a DVD quality version. If you do download the film, please watch it in theaters as well (trust me, you'll want to see it twice). The filmmakers and cast and crew worked extremely hard to produce the film and should be rewarded for their efforts. Also, please be careful if you do torrent the film; it can be considered illegal depending on where you live.