It appears that Taylor Swift and Harry Styles may be catching a break ... because One Directioner Zayn Malik is being accused of cheating on girlfriend Perrie Edwards!

Courtney Webb, a 21-year-old Australian waitress, revealed to the UK Sun that she had a one night stand with the One Direction singer ... and he told her he was single!

According to Webb, her hook up with 20-year-old Malik occurred last Wednesday when she was invited to an after party at his home. Arriving with a couple friends, Webb said she spent the night flirting with the singer, and when she asked if he had a girlfriend, he said he didn't and that "he wanted to enjoy being 20."

Webb claims that after her friends left, she stayed with Malik, who told her, "You're so hot, you're so fit, you're really beautiful. Wow!"

"He kept giving me these looks across the room," Webb told the Sun. "A look I translated as 'come to bed eyes.' I knew where this was going."

Although Zayn Malik has been dating Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards for a year, he reportedly told Webb that "I do what I like" when she's on tour.

Webb continued that she went up to his room with him and that "before I could even say anything he started snogging my face off, kissing me passionately. It just snowballed from there. We fooled around then had sex. It was amazing." After their romp, Webb began to put together that Zayn Malik was still dating Perrie Edwards. Between the supposed jewelry and fake eye lashes lying around, the big clue came from a reported sketch of Edwards that was taped above Malik's bed.

To cap off her one night stand with Malik, Webb took two photos of the sleeping singer.

[Click HERE to see the photos that Courtney Webb took of Zayn Malik.]

Unfortunately for Perrie Edwards, Webb's tryst (and photos of Malik) went viral. In a follow up, the UK Sun caught Zayn Malik trying to patch things up with his scorned lover. The pair were photographed jumping into a cab together outside of a hotel, but Edwards looked less than happy with her beau. According to the UK Mirror, friends of Edwards are urging her to dump Malik ... especially since these cheating allegations aren't the first!

One Direction fans will remember that over the summer Zayn Malik deleted his Twitter after claims of him trying to bring American girls back to his room while on tour surfaced. Perrie Edwards stuck by her man over the allegations over the summer ... but will she now?

"Perrie really wants to believe in Zayn," a friend of the Little Mix singer told the Mirror. "She's still in love with him and wants things to work out but feels humiliated by what this woman is going around saying."

Malik has been quiet on Twitter following the cheating rumors, but the Twitter-verse sure has a lot to say on the matter!

What do you think about the Zayn Malik rumors?

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