According to various tweets and eyewitness reports, an altercation between rappers Rick Ross and Young Jeezy has led to gunshots being fired at the 2012 BET Awards.

As of now, details are scarce, but it seems a feud between the two accomplished rappers has led to gunfire at the 2012 BET Awards. It seems, initially, Rick Ross and Young Jeezy started with words, escalated into pushing and shoving between the two and their respective entourages. Apparently, the scuffle between the two cliques developed into a full scale brawl that had to restrained by bodyguards and BET security. Finally, the altercations culminated in gunfire in the parking lot. Reports indicated that it was someone from Ross' crew, but that is not certain as if yet. As of now, it seems that the gunman has been arrested and there are no injuries, but we don't know for sure, since most of this information has come via Twitter.

Pigeons and Planes reports that many people attending the BET Awards in Atlanta tonight have turned to Twitter to say what happened between Young Jeezy and Rick Ross earlier tonight.

An unnamed source told US Weekly, ""There was some kind of commotion and fight backstage and security broke it up. The next thing everyone knows, the real cops show up and the whole place is on lockdown and everyone is told not to move and stay where they are." has confirmed with the Atlanta Police Department that neither Young Jeezy nor Rick Ross were not arrested.

Many people in the audience had no idea this was happening, writes MTV. "Most of the crowd inside the Atlanta Civic Center, where the taping took place were unaware of the drama that jumped off around the same time that A Tribe Called Quest, Missy Elliott and Busta Rhymes paid tribute to fallen music mogul Chris Lighty. 50 Cent and Fat Joe, who have quarreled repeatedly semed to have put their differences aside for the moment as they too appeared on stage to honor Lighty. Both Rick Ross and Jeezy also performed different sets during the award show."

MTV also said that there was another confrontation between Gunplay, Rick Ross's protege, and a member of 50 Cent's entourage. There are even reports that it was with 50 Cent himself, but details are not known.

Apparently, a beef between Ross and Young Jeezy has been developing for a few years. A couple years ago, Ross released a song called "B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast)" and, at the time, Young Jeezy was close to the criminal crew BMF, and found that single disrespectful and an insult against him and his crew. Jeezy didn't hesitate to express his opinion about the single, but apparently, the beef was squashed a few months ago. This altercation certainly hans't helped.

UPDATE: TMZ reports that they've spoken to the Atlanta Police Department. A spokesperson said, "Shortly after 7:15 pm Saturday, a fight broke out in the parking lot at the Atlanta Civic Center (where the BET Awards were being taped) between two groups. Atlanta Police Department officers on scene responded to break up the fight and used OC spray in the process. Individuals fled the scene. There were no arrests or reports of serious injuries. Reports of shots fired appear to be untrue."

However, TMZ's source remains adamant that shots were indeed fired.