A number of previously unreleased interviews with some of the most famous recording artists in history were uploaded to the Library of Congress website this week, including a recording featuring Lennon's widow blaming Paul McCartney for the demise of The Beatles.

In one of the recently released recordings from the Joe Smith Collection, named after the retired music executive who spoke to hundreds of famous singers and musicians during his career, Yoko can be heard placing the blame for The Beatles' "divorce" squarely upon the shoulders of Paul McCartney.

"Each one of them [was] getting independent," Yoko Ono told Joe Smith, adding "John, in fact, was not the first who wanted to leave the Beatles."

"They were getting to be like Paul's band, which they didn't like."

Though discontentment was apparently rampant among members of The Beatles, Ono does say that the end of one of the most loved bands in the history of recorded music had a serious impact on her relationship with former lead singer John Lennon. When he began to miss his band mates and others he'd come to know as frontman for The Beatles, Yoko says that Lennon expected her to replace all of the people he'd left behind.

While Yoko Ono has long been blamed by some Beatles fans for the group's break-up, former Beatles guitar player Paul McCartney also recently denied such claims during an October interview with Britain's Sir David Frost. McCartney told Frost that Oko couldn't be blamed for breaking up The Beatles because the band was already breaking it up on its own.

Click HERE to see footage of Paul McCartney talking to Sir David Frost about Yoko Ono

Not everyone's ready to put the anger to rest though, and a number of fans took to the web to vent their feelings on the latest revelation in the Beatles' storied history:

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