XBOX ONE, stupid name central. I'm calling it like I see it: XBOX ONE is a terrible name for Microsoft's fancy-pants new console.

We've heard a lot of rumored names for the new console, and we've all gotten used to the shorthand placeholder name, Xbox 720. That had deal-breaking problems of its own, but XBOX ONE is so, so much worse. That name sucks. And it's going to confuse people, dumb people, sure, but lots of people.

Where did the XBOX ONE stupid name come from? Microsoft's inspiration is obvious enough: the new XBOX is intended as the "one" device you need in your living room. It's supposed to displace all those knickknacks like cable boxes, remote controls, playing stations and certainly any Apple televisions that happen to come down the line. It's supposed to be the master of the living room. And if it succeeds, seven years down the road we'll look back and say, "Xbox won."

Honestly, I think that latter reading is also intentional.

So XBOX ONE, stupid name that it is, is high concept. Not a deal-breaker. Wii was a stupid name. Wii U is a stupid name. You can make a good argument that PlayStation is a stupid name too, at least nowadays (I'm somewhat surprised it's not officially just the "PS4," rather than the "PlayStation 4.") High concept names are all well and good. It's hokey. Wii was hokey, it stayed hokey, you get used to it. No big deal really.

But XBOX ONE, stupid name capital of stupid nameistan, is a stupid name for one reason more than any other. Pretty safe to say you know exactly what that reason is. It's because there already was an Xbox one (and a PSOne as well), two generations ago. It's why one of the other rumored names -- simply "XBOX" -- was a bad idea as well. This will never confuse hardcore gamers -- even if it was momentarily distracting during the presentation, while we're getting used to the idea.

But if you watched even half a second of the XBOX ONE stupid name revelation presentation, you'd know that the system is not just intended for hardcore gamers -- maybe not intended for hardcore gamers at all. It's intended for families, parents, regular folks. The blue ocean. People who don't pay attention to games and will wonder why Microsoft is selling the original Xbox again. Image search "Xbox One" and see what you find. It's all pictures of the original Xbox, because that's what everyone has called the original Xbox since, oh, roughly 2005.

Remember how Nintendo even admitted that many people didn't realize Wii U was a whole new console, not just an upgrade to Wii? Except the same thing to happen all over again with XBOX ONE, stupid name that it is. But it will be worse this time. I guarantee that this will turn into a thing. Wait and see.