Xbox One price drop news is naturally on everyone's mind right now, in light of Microsoft's mega-reversal and decision to go backsies on DRM and the always online connection. Everyone's wondering whether Microsoft will cut the Xbox One price by $100 as well, perhaps by decoupling the mandatory Kinect. Well, too bad: they definitely won't.

Any chance of an Xbox One price drop was ruled out definitively by none other than Mark [sic] Whitten, the Xbox Chief Product Officer. Via Joystiq:

We really believe deeply in the value that we're delivering. Not just for the first day of launch, which we think is going to be amazing, with amazing games and entertainment experiences, but what this architecture can deliver over the long term. We feel good about our price.

Along with the lack of an Xbox One price drop, Kinect isn't going anywhere either. Also via Whitten via Joystiq:

We still absolutely believe in Kinect. It's a core part of the architecture. Frankly, it's really critical that you build it as something that's always there, always part of the platform. So that game creators, experience creators can know they can rely on it. And you, the user, that there's always a consistent experience. That it's not just an accessory.

So chances are we won't get either an Xbox One price drop or a new SKU without a Kinect. Truth is, Microsoft really is committed to pushing Kinect through. Did you watch the Xbox One reveal event? It was almost entirely about the television abilities primarily enabled by Kinect. This is basically the primary marketing angle of the console. They aren't going to cut it out: not now, not later, not ever.

Even if they lose money or sales from it, they will not fracture their base and split off Kinect, which is what they would need to do to realistically drop the price. They can't, and won't even really need to. The disastrous part of the Xbox One launch is over: from here on out, it's damage control and genuine competition. The extra one hundred dollars is a sticking point, but hardly the end of the world.

We won't really know whether an Xbox One price drop would make a difference until the launch. By then, if Microsoft is at all competent, the marketing will have moved on from this debacle, and the launch will be a legitimate competition between the two consoles, at least somewhat on their merits. Then, Microsoft can try to justify the Kinect.

But if you really want that new Halo game, you'd best get used to the idea of dropping half a grand. Because we aren't going to get an Xbox One price drop anytime soon.