Xbox One launch issues were, naturally, inevitable. Although the system has been "in the wild" for only a few hours it appears that one particular Xbox One launch issue is emerging as the early contender for "most common day one headache": disc drive failure. A few reports have emerged online about an Xbox One launch issue disc drive failure occurring on the system. Videos from the unlucky few have begun to surface online and they capture an Xbox One that is definitely not working right. Take a look:

Xbox One Launch Issues: Disc Drive Failure

If you're a gamer (or an Xbox One pre-order holder) you can't help but cringe watching those vidoes. That noise. My God, that noise is horrifying. It's one thing when you cant get an update to download or there's some weird connection issue. But when something SOUNDS broken? Yikes.

The Xbox One launch issue of disc drive failure is one that Microsoft, unfortunately, seems ill-prepared for. It's unknown at this time how widespread the problem really is, so its possible it's a near-isolated launch issue similar to the 0.4% of PS4s experiencing issues. We'll know more as the day goes on. But if you're being affected by the disc drive Xbox One launch issue you're probably looking for some help. For some answers. And Microsoft has a pretty bad two-step plan for you. Here are the official Microsoft solutions for the Xbox One launch issue of disc drive failure:

Xbox One Launch Issue: Disc Drive Failure Solutions From Microsoft Support

Solution 1: Check the disc for scratches or smudges.

To clean it:

disc drive fail solution 1 (Photo: Microsoft)

Hold the disc by the edges without touching the top or bottom surface.

disc drive fail solution 2 (Photo: Microsoft)

Using a soft, clean, slightly damp cloth, lightly wipe from the center of the disc outward.

Note Use ONLY water to clean the disc.

Load the disc to see if it plays.

Solution 2: If the previous solution didn't work, try a different disc.

If you can't get any discs to load, your console may need service. Go to the Online Service Center and click Start Request to request a repair.

Repair or warranty questions? See Xbox One warranty, registration, and repair: Frequently asked questions.

So step one is clean the disc and step two is you're f-ked. Not the news you want if you've got Xbox One launch issues but once you hear that sound come from your Xbox One you probably know in your heart it's gotta be fixed. I'll continue to update this article as the day goes on, so if there are better solutions/lifehacks for fixing the Xbox One disc drive failures I'll post it here.