Now that the Xbox One is upon us we are hearing about (shocker) a handful of different Xbox One launch issues. The main problem seems to be a disc drive fail, which we discussed early this morning. But another problem seems to be vexing gamers: Xbox One games won't install. And if your Xbox One games won't install then you can't PLAY Xbox One games and now you're looking at a $500 Netflix machine. Fortunately, there seems to be a fairly simple solution if your Xbox One games won't install.

OXM is reporting that the best solution for Xbox One games that don't install is to simply disconnect your Xbox One from the internet. A similar method has been discovered by Nerdacy. The logic behind it is pretty simple. There are a ton of people all trying to download the same updates from servers right now so when you put a disc in the Xbox One and it won't install it's likely just sitting in a queue trying to download an update first. If it can't get the update it will wait and wait and wait and, after six months of waiting for the console to arrive those first few minutes can be torturous. I know. I set up my Xbox One last night and every passing minute felt like an eternity.

Here's the step-by-step on what to do is you Xbox One games won't install.

Xbox One Game Won't Install: Quick Fix Solution

Step One: Disconnect your console from the internet.

Step Two: Power down your console by holding the power button in for ten seconds.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT power down the console while it's trying to install/download an update. Use the home button to cancel out of the installation before powering down.

Step Three: Turn the console back on and retry the install offline.

Step Four: (Assuming the install works) Reconnect to the Internet and all is right with the world.

It's worth noting that a slightly more involved solution is being touted on Nerdacy. This involves relatively the same logic (getting offline for the game install) but recommends going to Settings and restoring the factory defaults first. You'll have to set up your profile and all that good stuff again, but if the above steps don't work you might want to give the factory default trick a shot before you try the offline install.

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