When it comes to the Xbox 720 vs PS4 debate, spec rumors were pretty much all we had to go on, until now.

After months of buzz and speculation, Microsoft's next-generation console is finally here. During the Xbox Reveal event at the company's Redmond headquarters on Tuesday, Microsoft debuted the latest Xbox One. Describing it as an all-in-one console, Microsoft's Don Mattrick unveiled the new shaped Xbox controller alongside Xbox hardware that closely resembles a set-top box. Xbox revealed the look of the new Xbox One on Twitter in a Vine video of the console, stating

"Meet Xbox One. The all-in-one entertainment system.'


Xbox One vs. PS4 Specs: Which has better RAM? After the February unveiling, PS4 developers got access to the full 8 GB that Sony is putting in the PS4. According to PS4Daily, the next-gen console will require 1 GB of RAM to run the OS, leaving developers with 7GB of RAM to work with. What about the new Xbox One RAM? Before the leak it was rumored that Microsoft's next-gen console would provide 8GB of DDR3 and 32 MB of ESRAM. During the unveiling of the Xbox One at Microsoft's Tuesday event it has been revealed that the Xbox One does in fact have 8GB of RAM to go up against the Sony Playstation 4. While the consoles are a match, it seems the new Xbox One is a winner since the PS4 requires 1GB of Ram to run the OS, bringing Xbox One on top with the full 8GB vs. PS4's 7GB.

Processor (CPU):

Xbox One vs. PS4 Specs CPU: The new Xbox One features an 8-core 'Jaguar' CPU. Xbox One has a customized AMD chip that combines an eight-core CPU, a GPU tailored for DirectX 11.1 graphics and 32MB of high bandwidth embedded ESRAM memory. The 28nm chip will consume around 100 watts, which is slightly higher than current Xbox Slim and PS3, but Microsoft promises noise from the cooling fans will be 'four times quieter.' Sony PS4 again matches the new Xbox One CPU with AMD 8-core 'Jaguar' CPU. It is reported that the PS4 chipset is expected to be slightly higher than the Xbox One's at 2GHz rather than 1.6GHz, but the difference in core processor power isn't likely to be that great. A slight winner goes to Sony PS4 on a margin of a clocked increase over Microsoft's Xbox One.

Graphics Processor (GPU):

Xbox One Vs. PS4 Specs Graphics Processor (GPU): The power of both consoles' GPUs has been compared to the 7000-series chips used in current PC graphics cards. The Xbox One uses DDR3 RAM, the Sony PS4 GDDR5 RAM. DDR3 is quicker at performing lots of small operations, while GDDR5 is less nimble, but much faster at performing fewer larger processes. The winner here in the Xbox One Vs. PS4 Specs GPU is Sony PS4 with GDDR5 - this speed comes in handy when dealing with high-resolution textures and it has a greater bandwidth.

Hard Drive:

Xbox One Vs. PS4 Specs Hard Drive: The new Xbox One will have 500GB hard drive compared to PS4 Specs built-in hard drive with no specified capacity or type. Microsoft's Xbox One will use Blu-ray discs for games, however it's not entirely necessary to use them as frequently as you might with other consoles, such as the Sony PS4, which also uses Blu-ray discs. The Xbox One's hard drive has games installed which eliminates the process of physically inserting the disc. Xbox One or PS4 hard drive? With games installed directly into the hard drive and 500GB, Microsoft's Xbox One is the winner here.

Accessories (Motion Controllers):

Microsoft's Xbox One Vs. Sony's PS4 Accessories: The Xbox One has a minor re-designed controller with a new Kinect motion-sensing camera to pair with the new Xbox One game console. The new Xbox One console features voice command as well. Tell your Xbox One console 'Xbox on' and you can begin gaming. The Sony PS4 has a moderate re-design with more control packed in the body and a trackpad that sits between the D-pad and the buttons. The Sony PS4 controller also has a Move light on the controller's rear, letting it function like control 'sticks' available today. Sony PS4 also had a share button, letting developers share moments of gameplay. Xbox One lets you interact with the game in a Siri-like voice command while Sony PS4 has a more social media interaction-based action. The Xbox One controller itself is much closer to the current edition. Most of the Xbox One controller changes relate to ergonomics, but the new Xbox One controller also has an integrated battery compartment, Wi-Fi Direct and new triggers. Who wins the battle of accessories, Microsoft's Xbox One or Sony's PS4? With more than 40 improvements made, the winner here is the Xbox One controller over Sony's PS4.

Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PS4 are both estimated at $400, although neither Microsoft nor Sony have announced the official price. The Xbox One and PS4 are also both set to release within 2013, possibly in November. Both are aiming for a pre-Christmas rush release, which will put them on the shelves IDEALLY at the end of November. However, both Microsoft and Sony have kept exact release dates for the Xbox One and PS4 pretty vague.

Playstation revealed over Twitter on Tuesday that the PS4 hardware reveal is coming June 10th at 6:00pm Pacific at Playstation's E3 2013 Press Conference. Xbox also stated over Twitter that they will be sharing the next chapter of the Xbox One story and their lineup of blockbuster games at E3.

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