It's going to be couple more weeks before the full WWE 2K15 roster is revealed to the general public, at an event scheduled to run during SummerSlam weekend, but that didn't stop 2K and Yuke's from revealing the latest addition to the game in a new WWE 2K15 screenshot on Monday morning.

With WWE's annual SummerSlam weekend video game event just around the corner, many WWE 2K fans had likely given up hope on learning much else about WWE 2K15 before one of the professional wrestling organization's biggest shows of the year. After all, it would make quite a bit of sense for the company to save as much as it could for the WWE 2K15 roster unveiling, given that the event will likely be broadcast on the WWE Network (either live or at a later date).

Thankfully, that isn't the case.

On Monday, 2K Sports published the first official screenshot from WWE 2K15; a single image that seems (primarily) intended to highlight the substantially-improved character model that will represent John Cena in WWE 2K15. But proof that this year's WWE game will look noticeably better than WWE 2K14 wasn't the only thing to be learned from the new WWE 2K15 screenshot.

To the shock of relatively few, it seems Randy Orton will be making yet another appearance in a WWE video game. His presence on the WWE 2K15 roster hasn't officially been confirmed by anyone in WWE, 2K Sports or Yuke's Media; however, Orton's forearm tattoos and wrestling trunks can both be seen in the WWE 2K15 screenshot that debuted on Monday.

Orton joins a surprisingly short list of current and former WWE personalities that have already been confirmed for the WWE 2K15 roster. Most notably, WWE 2K15 will be able to count Sting among its stable of grapplers, creating a scenario where it's possible the legendary wrestler could make his debut in a digital WWE ring before he ever steps foot into a real one.

Monday also brought word that Hulk Hogan would be joining Sting as a pre-order exclusive, and will get actually get double-billing (as Hulk Hogan and "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan) on the WWE 2K15 roster. Those who want access to Hogan at launch will apparently need to pony up for the hundred dollar WWE 2K15: Hulkamania Edition; a Collector's Edition of the game that includes the usual array of physical and in-game goodies intended to appeal to longtime Hulk Hogan fans.

Here are all of the WWE personalities confirmed to be on the WWE 2K15 roster:

  • -- Antonio Cesaro
  • -- Bray Wyatt
  • -- Darren Young
  • -- Hulk Hogan
  • -- Jerry "The King" Lawler (commentary)
  • -- John Cena
  • -- Michael Cole (commentary)
  • -- Randy Orton
  • -- Roman Reigns
  • -- Sting

At least one tweet from occasional WWE Superstar Rob Van Dam have suggested he might be making an appearance in WWE 2K15 as well; however, subsequent comments from the wrestler cast some doubt on his initial claims. On the flip side, Bill Goldberg and former color commentator Jim Ross have both confirmed they won't be a part of WWE 2K15 in any capacity.

Be sure to check back with and follow Scott on Twitter for more on WWE 2K15 as we continue to bring you more on the latest WWE project from Yuke's and 2K Sports in the months leading up to the WWE 2K15 release date.

What do you think of the WWE 2K15 roster as it currently stands? Are there any current or former WWE performers you'd like to see included in the game? Think you know what the WWE 2K15 team plans to use as a replacement for 30 Years Of Wrestlemania?

Let us know in the comments section!

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