It may have taken a bit longer than normal, but we finally have word on the WWE 2K14 release date, and it looks like Yuke's next offering will be making its debut just days before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 (Infinity?) are expected to hit store shelves this holiday season.

After months of uncertainty, due to THQ's bankruptcy and liquidation proceedings late last year and during the early parts of 2013, Take-Two Interactive and 2K Sports have finally announced the official WWE 2K14 release date. According to a new press release from Take-Two Interactive, WWE 2K14 is coming on Oct. 29; however, the first WWE game to be released under the 2K Sports banner is only expected to debut on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 at this time.

In fact, there were more than a few weeks when fans of the long running WWF/WWE (Smackdown) series were forced to consider the possibility that 2013 might be the first year since 1998 that would pass without a new WWE game debuting on a major console. Fortunately, Take-Two Interactive and 2K Sports swooped in to confirm that wouldn't be the case; however, the two companies have remained silent on all things WWE 2K14-related since that time.

Finally, Take-Two spoke up this week, revealing the WWE 2K14 release date in a new statement which hit the web late Monday afternoon. Just as it has in many recent years, the next WWE game will be headed to consoles this October, the first of five WWE games which will be created under a new five year license agreement between Take-Two Interactive and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Unfortunately, Take-Two Interactive doesn't appear to have any plans for a WWE 2K14 release date on the PlayStation 4 or next Xbox at this time, meaning gamers will likely be forced to wait until at least the 2014 holiday season for some next-gen wrestling action. Still, considering there was a time when it looked like the WWE games might become a thing of the past, waiting another year for a next-gen entry in the franchise probably doesn't seem like a huge issue.

Be sure to check back with in the weeks and months to come for all the latest WWE 2K14 news & roster announcements ahead of the WWE 2K14 release date on October 29.

Are you looking forward to the WWE 2K14 release date? Getting tired of World Wrestling Entertainment's annual wrestling sim? Think 2K Sports will have a positive impact on the franchise?

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