It's 2012, and internet users are still utilizing some of the worst passwords ever to guide all of their online secrets. Here are some of the dumbest, funniest mistakes that denizens of the internet still use to guide their secrets. And as much as you'd like to think that it's the average internet user that's using these-- and that you're way smarter than the average internet user-- chances are you use these, too.

Here are ten of our favorites, many of them from today's list of this year's 25 words passwords on the internet.

1. "password"

I mean, let's get this one out of the way early, right? If your password is "password," you may as well be saying "please, take all of my information, I don't care!" Thankfully, most websites require you to use at least one number with your password, which brings me to my next point.

2. "password1"

You may think that with that "1" at the end, you've turned your Gmail/Neopets account into a veritable Fort Knox, surpassable by only hackers with a Kitty Pryde-esque knack for phasing through solid matter. There isn't enough "nope" in the world for that thought process. "password1" is, like, the second thing that hackers try-- the digital security equivalent of being killed by a glove-slap and never making it to the actual duel.

3. "[your first name]"

You would not believe how many people still make this mistake. You would not believe how many people still make this mistake, and also have their first name in their email address/username. But then again, you may be one of them. I'm not ashamed to say that for a very long time, I was, too.

4. "[your first name]1"

See 2 and 3.

5. "[your social security number]"

Employers have access to your social security number. Nosy HR directors have access to your social security number. I know you may think that using your social security number as your password is akin to using your weird birthmark that no one else has seen as a password, but it isn't. And on the off-chance that a hacker figures it out, ze will see that you've used a nine-digit number and act accordingly.

6. "qwerty"

You aren't tech savvy. You aren't anything. "qwerty" is a better name for a nerd's cat than it is an internet password.

7. "12345678"

"Your password must be a minimum of eight* characters and must contain at least one number," says whatever website you're signing up for. And you couldn't be bothered to pick literally any word.

8. "welcome"

I've never understood this one. You don't say welcome to yourself every time you walk through your own front door. Who the heck are you welcoming? Hackers, that's who.

9. "monkey"

I can't even get into this one.

10. "trustno1"

Trust this: "no1" is going to know what an X-Files geek you are except for you and the hacker using your credit card.