I guess sex really does sell. At least it did for an unnamed eBay seller from Oxfordshire! At first glance you notice a short, yellow skater dress from ASOS (it's pretty cute might I add). Then your eyes drift toward the left and you get a face full of the seller's "goodies."

It wasn't intentional. She accidentally snapped a photo and forgot that a mirror reflected her half naked self. Woops! I can imagine her trying on the dress one last time to see if she can really part from such a garment. When realizing yellow just isn't her color, she takes a picture still bottomless. Typical mistake. However, the result was bittersweet. Yeah, a bunch of people saw you in your birthday suit but on the bright side everyone started bidding more than your original asking price of 15.99 euros!

The twitter hashtag #ebayyellowskaterdress became a trend in the UK.

Anonymous naked girl did fix her mistake and posted a picture of the dress, while being fully clothed, with the caption "#ebayyellowskaterdress as seen by thousands. Never worn naked."

Whatever you say, naked girl. Whatever you say.

To see the uncensored picture, click here!