The 2015 Hugo Awards will be presented on Aug. 22, naming the best science fiction and fantasy works of 2014. Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, who is currently working on Book 6 The Winds of Winter, made some predictions about potential winners on his LiveJournal, naming some of his favorite science fiction and fantasy from 2014 in the process.

This year’s Hugo Awards will forever be the year of the Sad Puppies, with many categories swamped with nominees from a vocal subset of science fiction and fantasy fandom. The Sad Puppies are authors and their fans united by anger at what they perceive to be a liberal, or SJW, takeover of the science fiction and fantasy mainstream. George R.R. Martin disagrees.

Winds of Winter Author George R.R. Martin Predicts The Hugos

In writing about his predictions for who will win the Hugo Awards, George R.R. Martin attempts to factor in the Sad Puppies slate and the opponents who will vote for “No Award” in categories dominated by the Sad Puppies. Along the way the Game of Thrones author also drops some compliments for his favorite fantasy and science fiction works from 2014. Here are some of the highlights from George R.R. Martin’s predictions and favorites in the major Hugo categories:


“Three nominees from the slates -- INTERSTELLAR, GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and THE LEGO MOVIE -- against two that were un-slated -- CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER and EDGE OF TOMORROW. All pretty good to excellent movies, and one that I thought was great. (I voted for that one, but don't think that it will win).”

George R.R. Martin thinks Guardians of the Galaxy is going to win this category, but what’s the movie he thought was “great”? I’m guessing Edge of Tomorrow.


“ I liked several of these, but I think SAGA will win. ”


"THREE-BODY PROBLEM and GOBLIN EMPEROR are very different books, but both them have real strengths. Here's the thing, though: although THREE-BODY was not on the Puppy slates, some of the Puppies have praised it afterward, so if and when the Puppy nominees are eliminated in successive rounds of the Australian ballot, some of their votes will shift to Cixin Liu, enough to put him over the top. I think THREE-BODY PROBLEM wins a Hugo for China (but I won't be too shocked if GOBLIN EMPEROR or SKIN GAME scores an upset)."

You can read our review of Three-Body Problem right here. Although George R.R. Martin thinks it will win (hopefully The Winds of Winter can take the 2017 Award!), he also said Station Eleven “remains the best novel I read last year.”

You can check out the rest of Winds of Winter author George R.R. Martin's predictions here.