Is the ‘Get Windows 10” update icon in my computer notification tray real or have I been hacked? An unsettling new icon showing up at the bottom of Window 7 + users’ computers screens have some worrying that the alleged free upgrade might be a phishing attack, but rest, assured, the icon is real – and so is the free copy of Windows.






When Will Windows 10 Update Release For Download? 

While users are not yet able to download the new Windows update yet, it will become available on July 29. I order to get the free update on your Windows computer however, you need to click on the ominous icon and begin the reservation process. The process is fairly simple for getting your free copy of the Windows 10 update – simply give Microsoft your email address and your copy will be reserved. On July 29 when the update is ready for download, it will begin automatically updating your computer for you.

get windows 10 free update icon real fake how to remove get rid of uninstall upgrade computer release date To sign up for your free Windows 10 upgrade, all you need to do is give Microsoft your email Microsoft Windows

get windows 10 free update icon notification tray real legit how to remove get rid of upgrade release date july 29 Once you're email has been received, your free Windows 10 upgrade will automatically install on release date July 29 Microsoft Windows


What If I Don't Want Windows 10? How To Remove And Get Rid Of The Annoying Windows 10 Update Icon

While many Windows users were thrilled to discover the software update would be given away free of charge – a feature Apple computer users have been enjoying for quite a while – still some are skeptical if an update, free or not, is something they actually want. For others who are sure they don’t plan to update (Windows 7 users primarily) the ‘Get Windows 10’ icon in their notification tray has become just plain annoying.









So is there a way to get rid of it? The answer is, yes. In a really nice FAQ posted on Reddit, user luacs1998 shared this strategy for getting rid of the annoying update icon.

  • You remove the ‘Get Windows 10’ icon the same way you would any other update. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features -> Uninstall an update -> look for "KB3035583" and “KB2952664” and uninstall them. The reboot and the icon should be gone (Note that when W10 itself comes, you'll have to check in Windows Update manually.)

In addition to sharing how to remove the Windows 10 update icon, lucas1998 also shared these useful tidbits about the new upgrade.

Why am I being asked to "reserve" Window 10 digital download?

  • The Windows 10 download is about 3-4 GB. Microsoft probably needs to prepare enough bandwidth to serve maybe around 500 million downloads of that size (that's around 2 exabytes in total!). Inputting your email probably acts similar to a "let me know when W10 is ready" reminder.

After I make the reservation, will Windows 10 start downloading and installing?

  • No. Windows 10 isn't even finished yet. If you put in your email, they'll send you an email when the W10 upgrade is ready.

Is it free? Some sites say I have to start paying for a subscription after the first year.

  • Yes, it is free, as long as you take the upgrade before summer 2016. As long as your device is operational, you will get any and all Windows 10 updates for free.

Is this "reservation" popup legit?

  • Yes, yes it is. It's installed by Windows Update KB3035583.

Will I lose all my data?

  • No. This process is the exact same as upgrading from Vista to 7, or 8 to 8.1 - all your programs and data will be migrated over. As always, though, common sense prevails - make backups of your important data before taking the upgrade.

What about OEM licenses?

  • Yes, you get a free upgrade too. Only W7/8.1 Enterprise (computers you got from your workplace) will not get the free upgrade through this offer.

What if I want to do a clean install?

As much as we know at this moment, after performing the upgrade you can do a reset, which will function as a "clean install". I have no information as of yet if customers will get any kind of installation media. At the moment we tell customers to do a reset after upgrade and create a recovery drive from control panel.

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