Is Will Smith gay? Rumors are flying that the married actor is cozying up with secret boyfriend Duane Martin in Rio De Janeiro! Photos of the happy couple celebrating Carnival surfaced online and now we're wondering: Is Will Smith gay? Read on for more rumors and pictures.

Will Smith gay rumors tied to close friend (and possibly secret romance Duane Martin) have been floating around for over a over a year, but the rumor mill went into high gear earlier this week when the "Fresh Prince" was photographed getting a little touchy feely with another man during Carnival in Rio with the wife and kids nowhere in sight, the news hounds at reported earlier today.

The gossip site was quick to report the latest Will Smith gay rumor, noting that pretty much everything about the actor, rapper and rumored-scientologist trip to South America was highly suspicious:

"The actor invited six friends over to his hotel room, only one of whom was female. Photos show the actor with another man's hand lovingly wrapped around his shoulders, and we can't help but wonder: is Will gay, or is this all incredible coincidence? Will was in town celebrating Carnival-you know, the huge street parade with sequins and dancing and music? It looks hella fun. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go rent that animated movie Rio (yes, the one about talking birds!), you'll learn all you need to know!"

Honestly, attending Carnival seems like a totally family appropriate vacation, so we have to wonder why Will didn't extend the invite to his wife and kids! I know that Willow probably thinks she is too cool for a family vacation (can someone take her down a few pegs? She's like, ten. Seriously, must all celebs whore out their kids?), and even though Jaden Smith is only 14, his killer dance/karate would be a welcome addition to any party. So why the exclusivity?

One paparazzi photo spurring Will Smith gay rumors also shows Kim Kardashian and Kanye West hanging out on the balcony directly below Smith and Martin. Although Kimye reportedly weren't invited upstairs, the reality TV star did tweet out a video of the wild party one floor above them, writing "Will Smith gets the crowd going!"

"No invite for Kimye?" asked US Magazine. "Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were photographed standing out on their hotel balcony in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil while a party was raging above them -- hosted by Will Smith."

So is Will Smith gay? Rumors will continue to fly until the Hollywood star comes out or proves the tabloids wrong. Celeb Dirty Laundry makes a strong argument that if he is a homosexual he needs to come clean for ethical reasons:

If Will is gay (as his behavior always seems to suggest), he's doing a disservice to the LGBTQ community by staying in the closet. Modern celebs are all about empowerment and honesty, not denial. Will has publicly supported gay marriage, which is terrific, but if he's gay, he needs to be true about who he is. We don't want to rush him, but with all these pictures, it's not like he hasn't had ample excuse to confirm it!

Is Will Smith Gay? Rumors fly and Twitter responds:

"Omg!!!!!!!!!!! Will Smith Better Not Be Gay.... He Look Too Good For That Mannn!!" tweeted ‏@_Unique_Harris.

"Is will smith gay foreal or nah?" tweeted Walter ‏@walterdaughtrey.

"WILL SMITH IS NOT GAY. I DON'T CARE WHAT ANYONE SAYS. I LOVE HE," tweeted Jasmine Ortiz ‏@jasmarie.

"What's this about Will Smith being gay?" tweeted Alex Phillips ‏@AlexRVPhillips.

"wait...i wonder why Wendy Williams is SUGGESTING that Will Smith and Duane Martin is gay..i have no idea *sips tea*" tweeted J-A-S-O-N ‏@jw79bull.

"Dewayne martin and will smith are gay and n love. So disgusted cause one married to gina other to jada. Both bad azz females," tweeted RTK ‏@ReesetheKonnect.

"I think Will Smith is a gay I really don't want to believe it tho," tweeted @Chinesseluv1.

"Someone shoot me straight.... Is Will Smith gay? No sugar coating. Just tell me," tweeted HB ‏@HeathyB.

"YOO someone was tryna tell me WIll Smith is gay, theres no way it cant be true he's the illest," tweeted Hirsch ‏@hirsch_whathapp.

"Will Smith will never be gay, he is a woman magnet!" tweeted T-Mac ‏@AZbeauty.

"aight if Will Smith is gay.... i dont wanna talk about it...." tweeted yung kakarot ‏@chef_the_chef.

"Will Smith Gay Rumors Surface Again - Man Time In Rio De Janeiro? (Photos)," tweeted Jada Smith News ‏@JadaSmithNews.

"I'd turn gay for will smith! #gaytweet," tweeted Daniel Howitt ‏@dannyhowitt.

"Saying about will smith calling him old, gay (he came to c his boyfriend dawyane) is crazy! I can't even believe people! It's hard to be," tweeted Ocean Glapion ‏@OceanLive.

"No way is will smith gay, i refuse to believe this, sisters talking shittt," tweeted Alyson Wiggins ‏@alysonwigginsx.

"Will smith is gay lol," tweeted LESANE PARISH CROOKS ‏@Amaru_shakur4.

"Hip-Hop Rumors: Star Magazine Claims Will Smith Is Gay?: Hold UP!" tweeted Tsai Rox ‏@tsairox.

So is Will Smith gay? Rumors have been flying for a while now but what do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below.