Wii U price cut, huh? Is that the buzz? You're hoping tomorrow's Nintendo Direct livestream brings us the joy of a discounted next-gen system? Well, I'm hoping that too. But I'm sorry to disappoint: it ain't gonna happen. Not this year. Sorry! I've got the evidence. Also, I have the next thing: a genu-wine, bona fide Wii U sale at Best Buy. Cajun style (Yes, that's a Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen reference)!

If you're a doofus, you might not know that a Nintendo Direct livestream is happening tomorrow at 10 AM Eastern. This one's going to be all about 2013 Wii U games and 2013 3DS games that have already been announced. It would be a perfect time to announce a Wii U price cut if one was going to happen, which it isn't.

Why We Won't Get A Wii U Price Cut

The Wii U price cut we aren't getting has very little to do with any of us, actually, and everything to do with Nintendo's short term finances. That's because Satoru Iwata, CEO of Ninties of Japan and America, lead programmer of EarthBound, and known banana grabber made a promise. He promised to return Nintendo to profit by the end of its current fiscal year in March 2014. The ancient company has only failed to turn a profit twice: last year and the year before. Awkward! Iwata promised not only to put the company back in black but to deliver big time boffo bucks.

Those financial goals are going to be tough enough to meet as is, but basically impossible with a Wii U price cut. That's because Iwata's promise - on which his job is (theoretically) not staked but his reputation is - wasn't to bring up revenues. It's to bring up profits. Selling the console at a loss would actively harm those efforts, and would require a dramatic increase in software units to countermand. Considering the 3DS is officially in its "printing money" phase now, and Wii U software is finally picking up, the company will gamble that that will be enough. For now. If the system is still doing poorly in March, maybe even in November, that will be a different story. But this week is the very beginning of Wii U's release slate. A price cut is just not happening.

But hey, next best thing to a Wii U price cut, if you're only out for yourself, are Wii U sales. We haven't seen one in a while but we have one now: here it is at Best Buy. It's for Wii U Deluxe. It still costs $350, but they toss in a $50 gift card. So it's like getting a free game. Or really two free games: Nintendo Land counts! Considering we're not likely to get a real Wii U price cut until March, this is the best you're going to get. And you know you were going to get a game with it anyway, so hey, I guess it is real savings.

At the least it will buy you a copy of Pikmin 3!