Wii U games are coming in hot and heavy this season, but we don't really know of any major releases for late 2014 besides Super Smash Bros. Ditto for the Nintendo 3DS - both have growing libraries and jam-packed holidays, but the future is mistier. Thankfully, Nintendo has teased that they are revealing something big at the VGX awards on December 7. And the VGX Awards (formerly the Spike VGAs) have confirmed that Reggie himself will take the stage. Let's take a look at what it could be.

UPDATE: Guys, don't get fooled by Cranky Kong - all the big trailers are way later in the show. We'll see something. Right? Right? But that Metroid pin tease... Reggie essentially said that Metroid is confirmed. So let's get excited for that. UPDATE AGAIN: Wellll, I guess it's just Cranky Kong. Great job, Nintendo. Now announce the stupid Majora's remake already.

First up, Reggie said in a recent interview that Nintendo's commitment to Wii U is only increasing - the dreary, slow launch is behind us. And he admitted that both Wii U and 3DS will have a "steadier pace of games" - and marketing - going forward. That means we're going to get at least a reasonable number of new games - and ones that we haven't heard about yet. With the VGX awards being such a good opportunity to debut new software (ahem Fallout 4 ahem), it's pretty safe to say we're going to get something big from Nintendo at VGX.

Here are some possibilities.

Metroid Wii U

Back in September, Miyamoto spoke about Metroid being very much on Nintendo's radar, and that Retro was the top candidate for the job. Now that DKC: Tropical Freeze is mostly done, it could be time to announce. But they wouldn't have much to show, so don't get your hopes up too high: this one's a long shot.

A Pokémon Console MMO

Ha! Dream on. Never, ever going to happen. You see that part where Pokémon X and Y sold 2 million units in the U.S. alone and increased 3DS sales by 135 percent? Nintendo won't dare to risk cannibalizing its portable sales, no matter how badly the Wii U is doing.

Kirby Triple Deluxe

Will the new Kirby game for 3DS, due in Japan in January, get a US release? Obviously it will. And Nintendo will announce it around VGX. This is pretty much a sure thing, but it's not terribly exciting -we expect Nintendo has a bigger card up their sleeves.

Star Fox Wii U

Maybe after Wii U sells another ten million units. Nintendo never shows any love to Star Fox (sigh). Don't expect them to change now, while they're struggling.

More Super Smash Bros Characters

Honestly, this seems pretty likely - it's been a while since we've had a bombshell of a character announcement (read: since E3). Even Sonic wasn't that much of a surprise. It would be high time for Nintendo to announce something big for its biggest hardcore multiplayer title. Snake's return? Pac-Man? Playable Miis? Master Chief??? Never, but we'll probably get something.

The New IP

Nobody's been talking about this very much, but it's public knowledge that Nintendo - and Shigeru Miyamoto - is working on a brand new IP. This may or may not be the same new Nintendo IP that Pikmin and Pikmin 2 director Masamichi Abe has been working on for an unknown amount of time. And we know only two things about this game: it will be for Wii U, and it will exemplify what the Wii U hardware is good for. Just what it needs.

Just please, please don't have Miis in it.

Zelda Wii U

Here's the big one. And this is what it's going to be. Tell you what, I'm going to call it: Nintendo is going to announce Zelda Wii U at the VGX Awards. The game has been development for quite some time, with some resources diverted for Wind Waker HD. It's the biggest game in Nintendo's history, and - although Eiji Aonuma has since downplayed this - it's influenced by Skyrim. And here's the kicker - they almost announced it at E3, but it wasn't quite ready. I thought they would announce it at Gamescom, but the VGX awards (why did they change the name exactly?) are much higher profile in the U.S. With all the 2013 releases on the table, all the new consoles out, and nothing to lose, it's time. This Saturday, Reggie and Mr. Iwata will announce

Zelda Wii U.

At least they darn well better.