Many consumers simply might not realize how vulnerable their smartphones are but experts say such devices are famous even among hackers who see the phones as one of the best ways to get into others' accounts and steal confidential information.

A recent study conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta said smartphones are very famous among thieves when it comes to hacking and stealing money or confidential information.

It said threats are proliferating including those of fraud e-mails and text messages, criminals trying to hack the consumers' accounts and steal information or money.

"We have some very bad characters who would like to take our money, take our identification and run away with it,'' said Marie Gooding, one of the heads of the Atlanta Federal Bank quoted by the Associated Press.

The Federal Reserve said vast amounts of personal data stored in e-mail, texts and other applications and personal information on the social networks are the several reasons that make smartphones an easy target.

In a bid to know which devices are more prone to cyber espionage, Boston-based Trusteer Inc. did a research by sending out more than 100,000 'phishing e-mails' and it found 2,200 of the 3,000 responses are from Smartphone users.