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Last week's "Into The Wild" was another episode of plot twists as Prof Shane takes Shane, Rebekah, Elena, and Damon on a trek into a desolate island just off of Nova Scotia in search of the cure.

We learn that Prof Shane's intentions for entering the island was to get his dead wife and child back by finding the immortal Silas. If Silas is released, Shane's family will return. However, the rest of the gang are not looking forward to Silas return at all. In fact, Atticus Shane revealed quite a bit Silas. The immortal was supposed to be force fed the cure in order to be killed.

"Into The Wild" also featured a glimpse of a group that jumped Damon. Damon managed to catch a glimpse of the tattoo on his attacker's hand, a symbol that represents himself as one of the five hunters.

Wandering the island was also an opportunity for Damon and Elena to clear the air. Damon revealed many of his feelings about the cure as well as his possible future. A lot of progress between Stefan and Rebekah were established as well. What's more, the exchange further teases the potential of Stefan and Rebekah being together as humans.

Now, this week's "The Vampire Diaries " Season 4 episode 14 "Down The Rabbit Hole " totally shifts gears as a "major death" has been rumored to occur in tonight's episode.

While sources refrained from spilling who exactly will die, clues are suggesting Professor Shane will be the one to go. In "Down the Rabbit Hole," Shane will encounter his deceased wife, Caitlin. What on Earth will happen in this highly anticipated exchange?!

Perhaps the biggest hint of all that Prof Shane will die is the absence of David Alpay from the credits in episode 15, "Stand By Me," does NOT feature him in the credits! In addition, the "Vampire Diaries" Wiki page claims that everything will start crumbling during the Feb. 21 episode.

Will Prof. Shane will die tonight? Be sure to watch "The Vampire Diaries" Season 4 episode 14 "Down The Rabbit Hole" online for free live. Click here at your own risk