Watch "True Blood" season 6, episode 4 "At Last" live stream here on HBO GO. In last week's "True Blood" season 6, episode 3 "You're No Good", Bill finds out there are limits to his new powers. Unlike what the episode teaser seemed to suggest, Bill cannot just walk out in the sunlight, he burns up like the rest of the vampires. This leads him to seek out Sookie, because he wants to use her blood to synthesize and use to walk out in daylight. Sookie, of course, doesn't want to go along with Bill's plan and after a tense standoff, Bill ends by saying to Sookie, "You're dead to me."

Meanwhile, Eric has kidnapped the mayor's daughter, Willa, who turns out is against what her father's doing and wants to help. When Eric, Pam and Tara go to hide, Willa shares a coffin with Eric because he doesn't trust Pam or Tara not to kill the governor's daughter. Willa clearly has the hots for Eric and it one of the most erotic scenes in "True Blood" history, Willa tries to lick some of Eric's blood off her finger, but Eric stops her and slowly sucks his blood off her finger before telling her to put her mouth gag back on.

The teaser video for the "True Blood" season 6, episode 4 "At Last" shows Sookie seductively asking Ben, "What is it you want from me?" Or is it Warlow she is asking? Do we finally get to meet the real Warlow? Eric and Pam are on the frontlines of the Vampires vs. Humans war. While Bill and Jessica go after Andy half-faerie daughters, who are now all grown up. Can they get the Japanese scientist, Takahashi, to synthesize faerie blood so that Vampires can walk in the sun?

The new episode of "True Blood" airs tonight, at 9pm EST. It will be available on HBO GO starting Monday, July 8.

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