Watch "True Blood" season 6, episode 3 "You're No Good" live stream online here on HBO GO. In last week's "True Blood" season 6, episode 2 "The Sun", Sookie tries to be normal, but gets sucked into helping an injured stranger who we find out is half faerie as well. Naturally, she starts flirting with him and brings him back to her house to fix him up. We also find out that the creepy guy who we assumed was Warlow is in fact, Jason Stackhouse's fairy godfather and he's here to help protect Sookie from the real Warlow.

After Tara is shot with a silver bullet that emits UV rays, Eric pays a visit to Truman Burrell, Governor of Louisiana, in an attempt to glamor him. Unbeknownst to Eric, the humans have invented a contact lens that makes them impervious to being glamoured. Alcide and Martha take Emma away from Sam.

Meanwhile, Bill has fallen into a stupor where he sees visions of vampires being tortured. Jessica invites a prostitute to the house for Bill to feed but he is unresponsive. Until, in the one of the creepiest scenes in True Blood history, Bill contorts and crunches the bones of the prostitute as he draws her to him, think Harry Potter Avada Kedavra curse. Bill summons her blood out through her mouth into his and drains her dry until she crumples up like an empty bag.

The teaser video for the "True Blood" season 6, episode 3 "You're No Good" shows Bill standing in broad daylight for real this time. "I am Lilith's prophet. I feel immortal," Bill exclaims. Where will Bill's new powers take him? One place is Sookie's house as he barges in saying; "I play by a different set of rules now, Sookie." What does Bill want with Sookie? So much for her trying to lead a normal life. It seems that Warlow is close at hand too. We also see that Eric has kidnapped the governor's daughter. Will Truman cave to the vampire's demands? Truman says he wants to negotiate but then a swat team kicks into Eric's bar. The war between vamps and humans is just beginning in tonight's episode.

The new episode of "True Blood" airs tonight, at 9pm EST. It will be available on HBO GO starting Monday, July 1.

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