Let's cut straight to the chase -- Top Gear fans in the United States only get to watch the new season of Top Gear much later after it airs on BBC 2. It goes without saying that all Top Gear junkies, from any part of the world, are done waiting, especially considering the last new episode of Top Gear was way back in March, 2012.

Thankfully, by the power of the internet, you can begin watching tonight's full episode right now. However, because the link directs you to the auto forum Streetfire.net, which is not BBC authorized, watch the episode at your own risk: Top Gear Season 19 Episode 1

In this episode of Top Gear, Richard Hammond tests the brand new $1.4 million Pagani Huayra. Nothing short of a masterpiece, the jet aircraft thinly disguised as a car will be handed to Top Gear's tamed racing driver known as the Stig. With 720-hp at the helm, will the Stig set a new lap record on the Top Gear Test Track?

Next, James May takes a new Bentley Continental GT Speed out onto a British rally stage. Will Captain Slow win the race alone? Absolutely not, but with the assistance of Ex-Mini WRC driver Kris Meeke, he might show a good effort!

Finally, Jeremy revisits the spirit of the microscopic Peel P50 by working with a team of automotive design students of Coventry University to creat a car that's even smaller. Jeremy tests the new road-legal wonder along the streets of London and in front of the Dragons from the British TV show "Dragon's Den."