Watch "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 episode 2 "One One Six" online, the second episode of the new season airs September 17 at 10 PM ET on FX. The episode "One One Six" can be watched on the FX official site (HERE). The "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 episode 2 will start off where the last one left off, with the school shooting having happened and the club being implicated in the shooting. We are sure to see some major consequences for SAMCRO in tomorrow's episode.

In "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 episode 2 we know that the gun used in the school shooting will be linked to the club through Nero. The child seen doing the school shooting is the 11-year-old son of Nero's cousin's old lady. Kurt Sutter explained that the decision to involve a school shooting into the show isn't a political choice, it was to better illustrate the consequences of the clubs activities. Jax generally wants to remove the club from drug running, but he has compensated for it with guns. Sutter explained, "So what was almost like a throwaway line in terms of story in season 5 with Jax saying, "Look, let me just give your guys a few guns, it makes everybody happy" - that innocent move that no one thinks is going to be bad - is that little thread that comes back to bite them in the ass. Sometimes it's not the huge moves or machinations, it's just the simple moves that get us into trouble. Jax probably was not thinking through the consequences of what might happen with that."

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FX has an online promo for "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 episode 2 "One One Six", we can see several hints of what to expect with the plot of the coming episode. We see Juice getting a beat down from Chibs to make his betrayal right. We will be seeing a lot more of Lee Toric and Nero, who are becoming heavily involved with the club, and Clay is down but not out. It's still an open question if Clay will cooperate with Lee Toric, Kurt Sutter has suggested that Clay may be the character best placed to match him, "I don't want to reveal which way it's going, but what I think is interesting is, if anybody is a match for Toric, it's Clay. Clay is a guy who's been around the longest, and has seen guys like Toric, and knows that dance. So it's not much of a chess match with Toric and Tara, but it's an interesting chess match with Toric and Clay."

Other things we learn about "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 episode 2 "One One Six" is that we see Nero in the promo trailer saying that the "KG9 was ours". He's clearly talking about the gun the young boy used. We also see a brief glimpse of a new character, she looks like either a federal director or a prosecutor/attorney general, she says that she wants a public hanging of the local crew responsible. We know she's talking about SAMCRO, at the very minimum the state and federal government will come down hard on the club and public opinion will turn against them. The deals they have with people like the Irish Kings will also go sour, they won't be able to run guns while the pressure is on them. Jax is already suffering from the lack of Tara in his life. We see Jax cheating on her with Colette, a Madame who owns a brothel, Sutter suggests that it is a sort of maternal feeling that draws Jax to Colette, "For me, and I think this is communicated, there's a disconnect that Jax feels with Tara. And Jax has that weird connection with his mom. I think Jax is a guy that needs a strong woman in his life. In fact, I think at some point this season, Bobby [Mark Boone Junior] says that to Tara. So the connection Jax has to Colette - not that I want to suggest that it's incestuous - but there's just something sweet, and gentle, and maternal about her energy."

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One major clash we can see coming in "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 episode 2 "One One Six" is a confrontation with Jax and Lee Toric. We see that Jax gets taking into custody in the online promo. It seems pretty likely that a good number of the crew may get arrested and end up in jail, we see scenes of a prison riot toward the ends of the promo trailer. Jax openly warns Lee Toric to back off from coming after the club, of course we know that's not likely, particularly since Kurt Sutter makes it clear that Lee Toric has very little to lose at this point. Sutter says, "Toric has got some demons. We set it up last season that he obviously has these medical issues, and whether or not we ever reveal specifcally what those are, we'll see. But he's a guy that perhaps has his own ticking clock, and perhaps that's part of what's motivating his obsessive need for finding justice or his brand of justice."

Watch "Sons of Anarchy" season 6 episode 2 "One One Six online to find out how the school shooting event will play out along with what new challenges the club will face. The episode will premiere September 17 at 10 PM on FX.

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