If you haven't been watching the 2012 presidential debates, all I can say is, you have missed out...big time.

But for those of us who have been dutifully tuning in this year, I think we can all say we've gotten our money's worth in terms of entertainment, as with each word that proceeds from the mouth of Mitt Romney or President Obama, it seems a new internet meme is born.

Last week's Hofsta debate conducted Town Hall style was no exception as there were more bizarre references, name-calling, and near fist-fights than even reality TV could produce. From Romney's pension and his 'binders full of women', to Obama's machine guns and gangbangers, the night was a parody in real life that no one could have dreamed up.

During the debates, we saw trending themes across the internet including getting "Candied" in honor of Candy Crawley's hack up job of moderating without bias, to Jobs-4-Jermey, a meme born out of both candidates attempt to win young Jeremy's favor, all the while forgetting to explain how they were going to get him the job he was hoping for upon graduation.

After it was all over, I found myself more confused than before. I was hopeful in the second debate, with the town hall format, I would hear some answers to my questions; yet when it concluded, I really couldn't figure out who was lying, who was telling the truth and whether I really wanted to vote for either of these faces before me.

All I know is, I came out with a smile and some priceless photos shared through Tumblr...so I guess the night was not a total waste.

Well, it seems I was not the only one who was a little frustrated, confused, and ultimately humored by the night's events, as before long, YouTube featured a parody video which has received over 14 million views and counting!

Though the video, "Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney. Epic Rap Battles of History Season 2" has been on YouTube six days, safe to say there are still a few of you out there who have yet to see it.

As much fun as we have has this entire election year, from the Invisible Obama to Big Bird, this video is probably one of my favorite funny takes by far.Give it a quick view and then prepare for more fun as we watch tonight's 3rd 2012 Election Debate

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