Fans of Pretty Little Liars are happy that after a long hiatus, the show is finally back on the air. The show kicked off with a really strong hour of television that featured all the girls and all of the high-brow drama that has kept teenage girls (and many others) attached to the show for years.

"Things are going to be pretty colorful," said actor Ian Harding prior to the premier of the third season. "It's going to be some interesting scenes. It's going to be some fireworks, some emotional fireworks."

If the trailer for Episode 15 of season 3 (S03E15) of Pretty Little Liars is any indication, Harding couldn't be more correct. Villianous A-Team member Mona Vanderwaal has just been released from the psych ward, and she bumps into her old friends at the local coffee shop and delivers some incredibly shocking news.

"Remember that creepy Harold guy, from the Lost Wood Motel? He was at our school stalking me," Mona says to Aria, Spencer Hanna and Emily. "He bribed the real custodian so he could have the job."

The girls, of course, are all skeptical of the accusation. "Why would be stalking you?" Spencer asks.

"I used to talk to him once in a while and he sort of ran with it. When I told him it was inappropriate, he didn't take it so well. . .I told my parents and we went to the school administration," says Mona.

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