Watch the season 2 finale of "Homeland" online for free live.

With season 2 of the critically-acclaimed hit, "Homeland," ending, many fans are hoping that some key questions will be answered.

We previously reported leaked (MAJOR) spoilers for the finale of season 2, "The Choice." For those of you who want to remained surprised, heres a spoiler-free preview.

We know that Carrie and Brody are enjoying each others company, now that Nazir is dead and Brody and his wife are officially done. But, lurking in the shadows is Quinn, who is on orders from Estes to take out Brody. But will he do it?

Saul is also facing some difficulties, after Estes says that he's out of the CIA. It could be the departure of a major character, as Saul has done his best to help Carrie, one of the few people that cares for her and she actually listens to.

According to the official synopsis, Brody meets with Faber to discuss the future of his family. Will Brody let Mike take over as the patriarch as he tries to make a new life for himself and Carrie (if Quinn doesn't kill him). The preview, which you can watch below, also shows a burial at sea for someone, but the entire body is covered with a white cloth. Could it be Nazir, in an Osama-Bin-Laden-esque burial by the US military? Or could it be Brody? We'll find out tonight.

"Homeland" season 2 episode 12, "The Choice," will be on Showtime at 10 PM EST, or you can watch it using the link below. But, please do so at your own risk.

Watch "Homeland" season 2 finale "The Choice" online for free live.

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