"Girls" reached new heights of insufferableness last week, as Hannah could only think about herself. It was a bit of a roller-coaster ride for Hannah as she was down at the beginning of the episode, then up but then went crashing down again. Will she have mellowed in this week's episode? Watch "Girls" season 3 episode 6 "Free Snacks" live stream online here.

In the preview for "Girls" season 3, episode 6, we see that Hannah's taken at job at GQ. While it's a job that many j-schoolers would kill for, Hannah thinks it's beneath her. We see that Marnie and Ray may be sneaking around together and Shoshanna is making friends with benefit type arrangement. No word on whether Adam has found his sister or whether Jessa landed that job at the kids' store.

Last week's episode of "Girls" began with the funeral for Hannah's editor David Pressler-Goings and Hannah was awfully self-centered even by her standards. When she found out from Pressler-Goings' wife that her e-book was put on hiatus, she asked the grieving widow for the name of the publisher. The widow gave Hannah a name on the condition that she leaves immediately.

Things were looking up for Hannah when the new publisher loved her work and wanted to publish it as a real book, not just an e-book. But her bubble soon burst when her dad called her to let her know that due to her contract with Millstreet Press, she wasn't allowed to publish her work with another company. Her dad also called to tell her he was recovering from a minor operation, but she completely ignored him because she was so absorbed with her own thing.

Also in last week's episode, Marnie paid a visit to Ray to ask him to tell her everything that's wrong with her. Of course, this led to them hooking up and feeling awkward about it after. While Hannah had tried to patch things up between Adam and his sister, she gets into an argument with Caroline at the end of the episode and kicks her out of the apartment.

The new episode of "Girls" airs Sunday at 10pm ET. Will you be watching "Girls" season 3, episode 6 "Free Snacks" live stream online? Let us know in the comments.

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