where to watch free movies online movie2k streaming Movie2k.to down? Where can I watch free movies online? Movie2k was blocked last week in the UK and now seems to be down around the world. Read all the details about the black out on this poplar streaming movie source as well as discover some new resources for streaming video screenshot

Like to watch free movies online? Then chances are you've heard of Movie2k, the German streaming movie provider that suddenly went down on Thursday, May 30, 2013. The site, which is still down and no longer supplying streaming free movies online, seems to have been shut down likely due to infringement of copyright laws.

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The problem is now people are wondering where they can find a selection of movies like what was available through the free streaming movies provider Movie2k.

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As one of our readers noted, Movie2k was unique in that it provided content that was difficult to find period. According to "Lee",

" The great thing about Movie2k was their Indie and foreign films on the right column, separated from the Hollywood blockbuster camrips in the center. The great thing about those indie and foreign films is they are next to impossible for many to see in theaters. Movie2k was the only sight that hosted many of these type of films."

And indeed, many voices around the web seem to mirror the sentiments of Lee in missing this free online movie-streaming provider, Movie2k.

Are There Other Sites Like Movie2k To Stream Free Movies Online?

While many of our readers listed alternatives for Movie2k in the comments section of an earlier article, we at iDesignTimes do not condone illegally viewing or distributing copyrighted material so our suggestion will have to be those that are approved by MPAA regulations. For those who are wondering where to watch free movies online that are legal, we have a number or resources listed below.

The MPAA recently obtained a court order to have sites such as Movie2k blocked in the UK by Internet service providers and now it seem the block has shut the site down completely.

In order to help viewers access TV shows and movies that are legal, The MPAA have created a website with resources there. As deadline.com shared,

"The [MPAA] website, www.WheretoWatch.org, makes it easy for audiences to watch content online by breaking the various services into relevant categories and summarizing what each platform provides, including what content is available, how it is supported, and what devices are compatible. The list is an aggregate based on services available in the United States, and although the set of services offering movies and TV shows differ by country, several services are available in multiple countries. "

Stream Free Movies Online: 8 Places You Can Watch Movies Online for Free

So if you want to legally stream free movies online, where should you go? Here is a list of suggestions.

1. OpenCulture.com - This website has about 400 free movies that are totally legal.

2. Archive.org - Ever heard of the Way Back Machine? This is a project by the Internet Archive Project at Archive.org. In addition to having a slice of the past ready for you to put on your website or post to your Facebook page, they also have a solid database of absolutely legal public domain videos.

3. FineMoviesOnline.net - This site has notices about copyright and public domain fully available. Their movies work fine and they have a clean report from Norton Antivirus posted online.

4. Legalmoviesonline.org - this site claims to offer "The Best Movies And TV Offered Legally From YouTube Official Movies, Hulu, Crackle And Many Other Popular Sites" check it out!

5. Documantis.com This is a documentary film repository, with a good selection of movies. Categories include everything from politics to religion.

6. Emol.org aka Entertainment Magazine, has quite free movies to watch online including vintage cartoons to classic sports movies. Classic B-movie horror films and educational documentaries are a staple there. This site also allows for downloading and burning of all content.

7. Google Video Not YouTube, but "regular" Google Video has quite few full length free movies to watch online and though they aren't the newest always you can find some things you might never see otherwise.

8. GodTube.com - Although they are all based on religion, the old favorite, Tangle.com is now GodTube and better than ever. If you want a change of pace, check out this site for all free movie, safe, and legal movies you could want.

So there you have our list of places to watch free movies online.

Do you know of more resources that are legal? Please share them in our comments section below!

SEE ALSO: Is Movie2K Down? Why Was The Site Blocked and When Will It Go Back Online?