Watch "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 8 finale online, the famous historical drama series is available to UK viewers on ITV on Sunday, November 10. U.S. viewers will have to till December 1 for PBS to to release the preview of the show with the first episode expected to air January 5. This is the season finale for "Downton Abbey" and we will be expecting to see closure for several plotlines including the rape of Anna by Green, Rose's romance with Jack, Gregson's disappearance in Germany and Tom's desire to go to America. The description for the upcoming episode of "Downton Abbey" is given as follows: " Rose's secret is discovered by Lady Rosmund, which in turn creates a chain of events. Lady Mary must decide where her heart truly belongs, while the tension between her suitors rises. Mr. Green is confronted by a furious Mr. Bates affecting a deranged Anna. Edith finds a solution for her "situation", while Robert returns with Americans in tow.

Watch the "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 8 finale online:

In the "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 8 finale there does not seem to be an online preview released. We do know that the upcoming episode will be a special extra-long one where the house throws a garden party for the locals and Lord Grantham returns from the United States with Cora's brother and some other Americans. Right now there is a number of extremely serious plot lines to wrap up, according to the synopsis. "Rosamund hatches a plan to help Edith out of her predicament, but will Violet see straight through it? Isobel is on the receiving end of some unexpected attention, while Mary asks Gillingham for a favour ... Rose has her nose put out of joint when plans don't go her way, and Alfred realises too late that he may have made a mistake. Just when Bates and Anna seem to be coming through the worst of their troubles, some unexpected news gives her fresh cause for concern."

With Green back in Downton Abbey in the season 4 episode 8 finale we can be sure that the plotline involving his rape of Anna will be wrapped up. Green clearly will be confronted by Bates now that he knows that Green was in the servant's hall during Dame Nellie's recital. The summary for the "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 8 finale clearly indicates that Bates will confront him. It's not clear if that means Bates will attempt to kill him or someone will intercede and the police will be called to take Green in. Thomas got a hint about Anna's situation in the previous episode so perhaps Thomas, who has generally been on friendlier terms with Anna compared to most people, will step in and help her.

In terms of confrontations coming in "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 8 finale we do have a short clip where Lady Mary confronts Lady Rose telling her that she should be careful when it comes to what she's doing with Jack Ross. Rose reacts angrily and tells Mary that she loves Jack, intends to marry him and won't stand for any "imperialist nonsense about racial purity," Mary responds that Rose should know her better than thinking Mary is racist, let's not forget she took the Turkish Kemal Pamuk to her bed. Rose doesn't react well and runs out before Mary can say anything else to her. While Mary may be more tolerant and open-minded people like Rosamund and Rose's mother won't react well, not when Rosamund was warning Edith to not get involved with Gregson out of wedlock.

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Speaking of other secrets in "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 8 finale, we may see Edith's situation come to a head. She is carrying Gregson's child out of wedlock and she almost got an illegal abortion but changed her mind at the last moment. Her aunt Rosamund is being remarkably supportive despite her past warnings and says that she will help Edith break the news to Cora, but Edith thinks that she can use the tenant farmer she had an affair with as a decoy for the baby. That may come out now in the finale and we suspect that perhaps the Crawley household will take it better than expected. Over time they've come to grips with things like Mary's affair with Kemal Pamuk, and Lady Sybil running off with Branson. Speaking of Branson he is another character that we may get some closure from, he wants to go to America but now it seems that Robert is bringing America to him so perhaps we will see him staying at Downton Abbey. Finally what happens with Lady Mary and her several suitors will also be interesting to see. To recap here what happened in the previous episode of "Downton Abbey" season 4.

July 1922 Robert leaves for America to bail out Cora's playboy brother. Mary, told by Mrs Hughes what happened to Anna, persuades him to take Thomas as his valet, leaving Bates to support his wife. The Dowager Countess falls ill with bronchitis, and is nursed by a selfless Isobel, who cheerfully ignores her patient's snippy comments. Mary and Mr Blake visit the newly-arrived pigs; finding them dehydrated, they carry buckets of water together, getting muddy and exhausted, and rather enjoy it. Edith and Rose go to London: Rose continues to romance Jack; Edith decides to have an abortion, but backs out at the last minute. Lord Gillingham and his valet Green arrive, and Mrs Hughes warns Green that she knows about him. During the servants' dinner, Green is rash enough to reveal that he went to the servants' hall during Dame Nellie's recital, which earns him an angry and thoughtful stare from Bates.

"Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 8 will air to UK viewers via ITV on Sunday on November 10. UK viewers also have the option to watch it the following night online. U.S. viewers will have to wait for PBS to air the new season of "Downton Abbey" on January 5. US viewers will be treated to a recap preview that will air on Sunday, December 1 on PBS. That should tide any American users that aren't following the show on ITV through semi-legal or illegal methods. With the extra-long season finale episode we should see several plotlines wrap up, though it's possible we might see some of them carry on to the Christmas Special. Hopefully the season finale will answer most of our questions and give us some closure on the important things.

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