Watch "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 3 online, the famous historical drama series is available to UK viewers on ITV on Sunday, October 13. U.S. viewers will have to till December for PBS to view the preview of the show. In the previous episode of "Downton Abbey" viewers encountered a shocking plotline that some viewers felt took things a step too far, while others praised for handling such an important issue .We had previously speculated that episode three would shake things up, perhaps with a character death. Instead we got shocking rape scene featuring a major character on the show as well as a newcomer.

(Trigger warning and "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 3 spoilers)

In ""Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 3 spoilers featured the disturbing rape of Anna by Lord Gillinghams valet Green. The "Downton Abbey" series picked up following the death of Matthew with Lady Mary still in mourning. Over the course of "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 2 we saw Lady Mary come out of mourning and take a more active role in running the estate, particular with it being clear that Matthew had designated her as his sole heir in the will, giving her a 50-50 stake in the estate. In "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 3 we saw the series seemingly take a lighter turn with the first major house party being held, almost since the end of the war. We saw the Grantham household invite the Australian singer Nellie Melba to sing for the family, which Carson naturally disapproved of and tried to prevent her from joining the rest of the household for dinner. Cora put a stop to it and had her dine with them. Meanwhile Lady Mary began to kindle a romance with Lord Gillingham who had arrived for the party with his butler Green, a fact that made Cousin Isobel clearly uncomfortable and unhappy, giving her the feeling that Matthew had been replaced and forgotten.

"Downton Abbey" season 4 episodes 3 quickly took a dark turn when Green started playing cards with Anna and began to become too familiar with her. At the height of Nellie Melba's song he savagely attacked and raped her. The paradox between the savage violence against Anna and the minor issues and annoyances of the various guests seems almost obscene. Edith continues to pursue her relationship with Gregson who beats Lord Sampson in cards. Meanwhile the series depicts Edna pursuing Branson to the point of following him to his room. Anna's rape and her subsequent emotions when she is found by Mrs. Hughes stands in stark contrast to the rest of the show. She swears Mrs. Hughes to secrecy and asks that she not tell anyone that she was raped by Green because she fears that Bates will murder him and be hanged for it, as he nearly was for his wife's suicide.

The rape scene in "Downton Abbey" raised mixed emotions from viewers with some who called the show "Downer Abbey" for the dark turn while others praised the disturbing scene as breaking new ground by depicting the violence against female servants. For our part we agree with the view by Jane Graham that the incident brought home the horror of rape. Female servants in that time period often faced sexual assault and violence from both the house's male "masters" and fellow servants. While the show has depicted sexism and gender decimation the manner of the depiction has always been a fairly chivalrous male chauvinism hiding behind the exterior of a gentleman. The rape scene with Anna tore away the false and empty veil of male "chivalry" and revealed the much darker interior of rape and violence that the entire precipice that the patriarchy of the times was built on (and some would say still is). "Downton Abbey" has been criticized in the past for jumping the shark and bandying around with meaningless and silly plotlines. The depiction of rape with a beloved character like Anna genuinely impacts viewers and makes them feel what she does. For her part, Joanna Forggat said she was "proud" of the rape storyline and its depiction in the show.

Watch "Downton Abbey" Season 4 Episode 4 Preview Online:

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A "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 4 promo video on YouTube showed several scenes including one with Anna. It seems that Anna continues to keep secret her rape by Green, Lady Mary appears unaware and appears to be surprised but pleased at the unexpected return of Lord Gillingham (and by extension his valet Green). We do not see Anna's reaction but surely it cannot be good. In addition we finally start to see the first winds of social change in terms of racial issues. The household invites jazz musicians in the upcoming episode and Rose even openly dances with Jack Ross. She actually seems quite smitten with him. The 1920's were a fairly liberal period in terms of social changes across much of the Western world, the period of post-World War I liberalization has finally come to Downton Abbey it seems.

In "Downton Abbey" season 4 episodes 4 we don't see any mention of Anna and what happens in the synopsis for the next episode. If there's one thing that we've learnt about Mrs. Hughes is that while she will do her best to keep a secret when she has been sworn to secrecy she will ultimately do what is right regardless. We've seen her help out various members of the household on a frequent basis, sometimes interfering even when she was not wanted. We imagine she will stand by Anna and go to someone who can help her. Some fans were speculating that Thomas may be one of the perfect people to approach like this. While he has caused Anna to be blamed for Edna's mistake it was a fairly minor incident and he still owes his career and probably his liberty to Bates when his homosexuality was exposed. ITV gave the "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 4 synopsis as follows:

Amid the fallout of the eventful house party a trip to the bright lights of London is planned. Here Sir John Bullock shows his true colours and Rose finds gallantry comes from an unexpected quarter.

Gregson shares ambitious plans with Edith, taking their relationship to another level.

Back at the Abbey Mary faces a pressing question about her future, Isobel accepts an offer from Dr Clarkson which rekindles her social conscience, and the manipulative Edna finds herself outmanoeuvred.

Below stairs Carson reveals surprisingly intimate details of his former life, and Daisy's clumsy attempt to get closer to Alfred may push him further away.

"Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 4 will air to UK viewers via ITV on Sunday on October 13. UK viewers also have the option to watch it the following night online. U.S. viewers will have to wait for PBS to air the new season of "Downton Abbey" 6 months from now in January. US viewers will be treated to a recap preview that will air on Sunday, December 1 on PBS. That should tide any American users that aren't following the show on ITV through semi-legal or illegal methods. Hopefully Green will get what he deserves in the upcoming episode or at the very least Anna and Mrs. Hughes will tell someone who can help them. Even Thomas is better than Green at this point.

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