Watch "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 2 online, the famous historical drama series has started broadcasting to UK viewers from ITV on Sunday, October 6. U.S. viewers will have to wait another 5-6 months for PBS to broadcast the show due to broadcast rights issues. In the previous episode of "Downton Abbey" we were introduced to numerous new characters and love interests. There is also the promise that the upcoming episode 3 will shake things up, perhaps a new twist is in store for Lady Mary or even another character death.

"Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 2 will clearly have some kind of major twist. ITV has decided to withhold a preview from the press. Digital Spy pointed out that the last time the decision to withhold a preview was made was back in season 3 when Lady Sybil died during child birth and later during the Christmas special when Matthew Crawley died in an automobile accident. The implication here is that we may very well see another character death now. We might see more tragedy strike the Crawley household and see the death of a major character like the Dowager Countess, who is after all getting up there in years now. Another possibility is a death for one of the servants, perhaps Mr. Bates which would be equally dramatic.

"Downton Abbey" Season 4 Episode 2 Recap:

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In the previous episode of "Downton Abbey" the following events happened and several new characters were introduced, We saw that Matthew had not entirely neglected his estate or his will. A letter was found in the previous episode in which Matthew appointed Lady Mary his sole heir. For the first time she has real control over her own fortune and that of course means she now has a serious role in running the estate. Branson and Lady Mary were empowered to implement Matthew's reforms, much to the displeasure of Lord Grantham who clearly was hoping that he could resume his old role as caretaker of the estate without having the share his power. Unfortunately for Lord Grantham we see that the lawyer has confirmed that Matthew's letter basically functions as a Will so now he must include Lady Mary in the running of the estate.

Other plots dealt with in the previous episode of "Downton Abbey" involve Moseley who is no longer a servant but is instead forced to work as a laborer because he has debts. It's surprising that Lord Grantham does not know of this nor reach out for help. Instead it is Mr. Bates who reaches out to help him by taking a loan from the Dowager Countess and pretends to pay back Moseley for a loan. Meanwhile Lady Rose continues her trouble making when she goes to a tea dance with Anna, which turns out to be a servants dance in York. A fight starts between two men over one of them cutting in to dance with her and she and Anna are forced to flee to avoid being arrested.

"Downton Abbey Season 4 Episode 3 Preview:

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Downton Abbey 4x03 Promo (HD). An extravagant house party at the Abbey gives the Crawleys a chance to reconnect with old friends. But some guests prove more welcome than others, and along with the celebrations come skulduggery and heartache.Downton Abbey 4x03 Airs October 6, 2013 at 22:00 only on ITV.

In "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 3 several new characters are going to have some major roles. With the manipulative and ominous Miss O'Brien gone from the show, a new servant villain has been found in the form of Nigel Harman a new character who plays Green, the valet of Lady Mary's new love interest, Lord Gillingham. Harman admitted that his character is basically a bad guy but fairly manipulative and charming when he wants to be, just like Thomas Barrow. Harman said that he didn't think Green had any redeeming qualities and that he is, "incredibly charming, to the point where he's too good to be true -- and that's what it turns out." Apparently Green will act as the main foil to Mr. Bates, a fitting role now that O'Brien is gone and Thomas has toned down.

The "Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 3 promo seems to suggest that Lady Mary is getting quite close to Lord Gillingham, something which Matthew's mother doesn't look like she approves of. Of course it has been six or seven months since his death, so Lady Mary does have to move on with her life. Apparently they will get to know each other better at a large and extravagant party being thrown at Downton. Large parties leave plenty of room for drama and shocking revelations, it is clear that some members of the household have serious misgivings about Lady Mary's new love interest and Mr. Green. Lady Edith and her interest in a married man who is willing to move abroad to get a divorce for her also leaves room for social scandal.

"Downton Abbey" season 4 episode 3 will air to UK viewers via ITV on Sunday on October 6. UK viewers also have the option to watch it the following night online. U.S. viewers will have to wait for PBS to air the new season of "Downton Abbey" 6 months from now in January. Either way we anticipate that this is going to be a dramatic upcoming episode. Hopefully one of our favorite characters doesn't die.

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