Want to know what happen on "Downton Abbey" Sunday night? Watch it here!

US viewers for the popular UK show "Downton Abbey" are in between a rock and a hard place You can't look for spoilers because it'll ruin the entire season, and, if you missed last night's two hour season 3 premiere, it'll be difficult to catch up. Well, US viewers, you're in luck. You can watch "Downton Abbey" season 3 episode 1 for free online legally!

PBS streams "Downton Abbey" on their website the day after every single episode. Earlier today, PBS put up the episode 1 of "Downton Abbey," the US season 3 premiere. But, if you want to watch the "Downton Abbey" season 3 episode 1 premiere on your own time (aka download it), you can visit your favorite torrent site and search "Downton Abbey Season 3 Episode 1." You're bound to come up with a plethora of hits.

What can US viewers expect from season 3 of "Downton Abbey?" There's a lot of drama with both the family and the staff at the Downton estate. There's a wedding, a major character's death, and Bates is still in jail. Will he get out, or will he have a more sinister end? Also, Shirley MacLaine, playing Cora Crawley's mother, Martha Levinson, visits the Downton estate to see her extended family. Unfortunately, MacLaine's role was a little overhyped, and certainly underwhelming. By the end of the season, you might even forget that MacLaine made an appearance on the show. Maggie Smith, who plays Lady Violet aka the Dowager Countess, once again does a masterful job. Smith, who won an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress In A Drama in the 2012 Emmy Awards, will undoubtedly get nominated for another one in 2013.

For those of you who missed last Sunday's episode of "Downton Abbey," you can watch it for free online. PBS is streaming the entire 1 hour and 52 minute episode on their website (here). Or, a quick Google search will give you links on where you can download the episode or stream it on your computer or mobile device. But, please do so at your own risk; watching it on PBS online is completely legal, but watching "Downton Abbey" on third party sites might be illegal depending on the laws in your country.

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