"Watch Dogs" box art has been unveiled, though we still pine for an official "Watch Dogs" release date. With the PlayStation 4 unveiled, and a new gameplay trailer released as part of Sony's recent "Future of PlayStation" press conference, exciting news has ramped up for the upcoming stealth, information-warfare adventure "Watch Dogs" from Ubisoft. Joystiq reports that the official "Watch Dogs" Facebook page has posted images of box art for the title on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U, which looks very slick and intriguing. We can likely expect variation box art and special edition releases of the game for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, as well as Wii U, given the title's triple-a status, though no official news on special editions has been released yet (stay tuned for up to date news on "Watch Dogs.") Release dates have yet to be announced for the title, though we are glad to at least have box art to gawk at.

The "Watch Dogs" box art features an angular portrait of hacker protagonist Aiden Pierce wielding a pistol in one hand and his smart phone in the other; likely to be his two most valuable weapons in the game. Pierce towers over the linear perspective of the "Watch Dogs" box art, partly concealing his face with a bandanna, as any true vigilante should.

Cinema Blend describes the storyline behind "Watch Dogs":

[The game] is set in Chicago in the near future. In this game's alternate history, the blackout of 2003 was caused by a hacker. Governments responded by creating central operating systems that control all of an area's technology. They also track all of the citizens.

Protagonist Aiden Pearce is described as a vigilante who hacks the Chicago's central operating system (ctOS) with his phone and uses the system's power to his advantage. For example, he can locate a target by tracking their cell phone, or stop a train so he can use it as a getaway vehicle. The hacking aspect of the game is supplemented by combat. It's appropriate, then, that the box art shows him wielding a smartphone and a handgun.

watch dogs box art ps3 The "Watch Dogs" trailer, which has just been released by Ubisoft, features gameplay footage of Aiden Pierce using many of his various hacking skills. The "Watch Dogs" release date for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii U is coming Autumn 2013, as the "Watch Dogs" trailer confirms. We expect next-gen "Watch Dogs" release dates on PS4 and Xbox 720 for Holiday 2013. Ubisoft

"Watch Dogs," which previously floored audiences in its unveiling at E3 2012, recently received a second gameplay trailer (below) which we previously described:

The new trailer gives us a more fleshed out sense of protagonist Aiden Pierce, a hacker and rebel, who takes the law into his own hands and is being pursued as a criminal. As Pierce walks down the street of a near-futuristic alternate-reality Chicago, and dressed in a slick coat and nondescript baseball cap, players will have access to private information about all the non-player characters on screen. Each non-player character will have unique traits that may incite players to react to them in different ways. For example, in the gameplay demonstrated on Wednesday night, Aiden Pierce noticed a man in passing, whom the HUD informed him was a pro-life lobbyist and tobacco company executive. In a moment of politically-charged radicalism, Pierce chose to automatically hack the strangers' bank account, withdrawing his funds. Pierce was also shown choosing to protect a stranger whom he found as she was being mugged.

We imagine that the unveiling of "Watch Dogs" box art signifies one step further towards a solid release date, though for now we know to expect the game across platforms in late 2013. Stay tuned for up-to-date news on "Watch Dogs," which we just can't get enough of.

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