Watch the season 7 finale of "Dexter" online for free live.

With season 7 of the critically-acclaimed hit, "Dexter," ending, will Dexter go to jail? This season has been pretty tumultuous for Dexter: he fell in love with a killer, Hannah, and has been dealing with his sister, Debra, becoming increasingly crazy now that she's found out that he's secretly a serial killer. On top of that, LaGuerta and Matthews have made it their personal mission to find the Bay Harbor Butcher, and all fingers point towards Dexter. Will Dexter be caught?

Season 8 will be the last for the hit Showtime series, and we're starting to get glimpses into what the writers have in store next year. It seems like Batista will retire to take care of his new restaurant and Quinn might follow his girlfriend to Las Vegas. But those subplots are nothing compared to the future of the titular character and his face-off with LaGuerta. Her mission to prove that Daokes was not the Bay Harbor Butcher has consumed her, and it seems like Dexter is about to be caught.

The preview shows that Dexter is contemplating killing LaGuerta, who, as Harry states, "doesn't even begin to meet the code." But, in order to protect his secret side, he might have to get rid of her. Also, it seems that LaGuerta arrests Dexter and puts him in handcuffs. There's also the whole thing about Dexter turning in Hannah. She know all about Dexter's "Dark Passenger," and probably has no qualms about turning in her ex-boyfriend in order to save her own skin. We have no idea what to expect tonight, which makes us even more excited for the season 7 finale of "Dexter," episode 12 "Surprise, Mother******."

"Dexter" airs on Showtime at 9 PM EST, but you can also watch it by clicking on the link below. But, please, do so at your own risk.

Watch the season 7 finale of "Dexter," episode 12 "Surprise, Mother******" online for free live.

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