Watching "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 online wasn't always an easy task -- until now. Netflix has made good on their promise from back in July and made it easy for users to watch "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 online. That is, if you live in the UK. While U.S. users wanting to watch "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 online will have to settle for the previous episodes available, those across the pond have access to the latest and greatest just hours after the premiere. We haven't heard of other shows adopting this model, but that doesn't mean it's not in the works...

Being able to watch "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 is a luxury other Netflix users are currently unable to take advantage of. Typically a show takes a year or two to reach the online video/DVD rental service, but this is one of the first times we've seen a series put their newest episode on the service, Hulu Plus style. If more shows decide to adopt this model of releasing episodes less than a day later to stream on Netflix, things could be problematic for Hulu.

Bryan Cranston and crew may owe more thanks to Netflix than it may initially seem. According to Variety:

If there were any skepticism left about the clout the streaming service possesses, it may have been put to the rest Sunday after the AMC drama series "Breaking Bad" obliterated its own personal-best ratings by scoring 5.9 million total viewers- more than double the previous season premiere. That kind of growth spurt for a TV series doesn't happen too often, and for that Netflix must have been a factor. Sure, AMC spent a handsome (and unspecified) amount to promote the series' swan-song run, but marketing dollars alone can't account for this kind of leap. Playing a bigger part could be the availability of an entire library of past seasons in the U.S. that enables curious new viewers to catch up and get funneled back to AMC for the new episodes.

Users may be able to do much more than watch "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 on the service. Traditionally, Netflix provided users with a back catalog while Hulu gave TV viewers the newer shows available online on their devices. With Netflix possibly getting into the "day after" game, the service will have the back-catalog. While Hulu has archives of select shows, they tend to focus on the former. Things are about to get interesting for consumers.

"Breaking Bad" follows the adventures of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher by day, meth lab owner by night. The show first premiered in January 2008 in the United States and Canada on AMC. The show has won numerous Emmys including Best Actor for Bryan Cranston, Outstanding Drama Series, and more. The series has also won Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Episode 10 of season 5 part 2 will premiere on August 18.

Did you watch "Breaking Bad" season 5 part 2 on the 11th? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!

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