Season 17 of "The Bachelor" premieres Monday, January 7, on ABC. You can watch the show live at 8 p.m. ET, or you can watch a live TV stream online for free here.

This season of "The Bachelor" features Sean Lowe looking for another chance at love. Lowe made it all the way to third place on the last season of "The Bachelorette" before he was rejected by Emily Maynard. Now the Dallas native will meet 26 women looking to win over his heart.

According to an ABC press release, the ladies in question include Robyn, who makes an interesting first impression when she falls on her behind while performing a flip for the businessman. Ashley P., meanwhile, introduces herself by reciting knowledge of the sexual bestseller, "Fifth Shades of Grey," while cruise ship singer Kelly performs an original song for him.

Before meeting the girls, Sean Lowe gets advice from another "Bachelor" veteran. According to BuddyTV, Lowe talks to Arie Lukendyk, the runner-up on last season's "Bachelorette," who offers a show of support to his former rival.

This season's premiere will also feature live Tweeting from both the "Bachelor" Twitter page, @BachelorABC and Lowe's personal Twitter page, @SeanLowe09.

Host Chris Harrison also told Celebuzz that this season of "The Bachelor" could be one of the best yet, particularly because of Sean Lowe's likeability.

"He's great. He's kind of a throwback to what the show was made for," Harrison said. "If you put a star and a cape on that guy, he's Captain America, for crying out loud - but with better abs. And, yes, he will have his shirt off a lot."

Last year, Lowe competed for the affections of a single mother in Maynard. And while the businessman does not have any children of his own, it seems he is looking for a woman who does not mind becoming a mother as well.

"I want to start a family and just have a house that's full of love and laughter," Lowe told US Weekly. "I want to spend my time hanging out with those that I love . . . That's what I want."

As for Maynard, there are already reports that she has split with her chosen bachelor, Jef Holm. As we previously, the two ended their engagement back in October, just months after the final episode of her season of "Bachelorette" aired. Maynard's friends told US Weekly that the mother was "miserable" with Holm. She also reportedly sexted with NFL quarterback Matt Leinart in the weeks leading up to the breakup.

So far, it appears Lowe might avoid some of that drama. As WetPaint reports, an extended promo for this season's "Bachelor" ends with the businessman stating that he knows, "without a shadow of a doubt" who he should marry.

"I can picture us spending the rest of our lives together," Lowe says in the preview.