"Aziz Ansari Buried Alive November 1" is when we can expect the comic's upcoming comedy special to hit the internets. Using Netflix, Aziz is one of many who have caught on to the fact that media can be distributed to thousands online and still be profitable. This isn't the first time Ansari's used the internet to release comedy, however -- in 2012 he released the special on his site as a $5 download. We're glad to see he went a similar route for "Buried Alive" coming next month. Now if you'll excuse us, we're going to devour some apps and zerts to kill time until November 1.

The "Buried Alive" teaser ad shows Aziz chatting with Seth Rogen mulling over ways to promote the new special. They go through a couple scenarios involving breakfast foods (or lunch or dinner, as Aziz astutely points out) and finally decide to go with the breakfiest cereal of all -- a hearty bowl of Netflix. Mmm, tastes like media-streaming freedom.

The Netflix business model has proven to be a winning one. We have we seen great series come from the DVD rental service/online streaming site like "House Of Cards" or "Orange Is The New Black." In addition, it has revived older series like "Arrested Development." With "House Of Cards" recently winning an emmy, the matter of bringing quality content to the masses through our favorite series of tubes isn't a question anymore. It's even been able to improve the ratings of shows on traditional channels. With Aziz Ansari bringing "Buried Alive" to television, computer and mobile phone screens on November 1 for virtually no money extra to Netflix subscribers, the idea is certainly a good one. And for fans of Aziz without Netflix, they can pay $8 for it and also get access to the entire Netflix library (or maybe even take advantage of that free month trial). The point is, by going the Netflix route, Ansari continues to give his fans a multitude of options to watch when they want, how they want. The way it should be.

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