Watch "Archer" season 5 episode 9 online here. The latest episode in the spy series, "On The Carpet," has Archer and friends into a pretty bad dude. The gang end up crash-landing in a dangerous swamp -- for cocaine related reasons, no doubt. When they survive the landing, Archer, Cyril and Ray run in into an arms dealer. Voiced by Christian Slater, the arms dealer may be trouble for the "Archer" season 5 crew. Then again, the gang has been in need of new weaponry. Maybe this "Archer" season 5 episode has the Archer, Lana, etc. lock and loading for their next drug-related mission.

Season 5 of "Archer" has been unlike any other year for the show. While most episodes take place at the spy agency ISIS, Adam Reed and the rest of the show's crew decided to throw a wrench in that formula to follow the story of "Archer: Vice." When Mallory realizes she still needs to sell off (almost literally) tons of cocaine, the crew takes up the drug-pushing business to make some extra cash -- seeing as they technically don't have jobs right now. Then again we're sure Carol/Cheryl/Cherlene would be willing to give them a million or two.

With these new developments in "Archer" season 5 we've learned more about our beloved characters than ever before. We always knew Pam, for example, was a fan of the 'Mary Jane' as the kids say, but this season her love for the whiter drug is nothing but evident. Pam may be the ISIS's best customer when it comes to the stuff -- or worst, seeing as she doesn't pay them for it. In addition we see Cheryl's transformation into the country star Cherlene. Something many of the ISIS members, as well as this writer, doubted she could pull off but does surprisingly well. Throw in the fact that Lana is pregnant and "Archer" season 5 will surely be remembered.

archer season 5 episode online watch netlfix Christian Slater in Archer (Photo: Facebook / Archer)

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