Watch "Archer" season 5 episode 6 online here. The new season of spy drug-pushing is pulling out the stops with its next episode. We're surprised it took until "Archer" season 5 for the show to get a cameo, but Kenny Loggins will be part of the next episode "Baby Shower." With Lana expecting, Archer decided to track down Loggins to have him sing a duet with Cherlene (Cheryl's country singing alter ego) at the baby shower. We usually can't wait to watch "Archer" but especially so for unusually high possibility of "danger zone!!" jokes.

The Kenny Loggins cameo happening in "Archer" season 5 episode 6 is a great one that we should've seen coming. After the Burt Reynolds episode of "Archer," it was clear that the FX show was able to get big names when needed to come on the series. And in a plot line that involved Burt romantically seeing Archer's mom Mallory, endless laughs were to be had.

Even though Kenny Loggins singing a duet with Cherlene at Lana's baby shower makes for some good television, what exactly will happen in this latest episode of "Archer"? When Burt Reynolds made his way onto the show he not only brought laughs but a killer action scene as well. We can't help but wonder what kind of danger the animated Kenny Loggins may have to possibly fight his way out of. Maybe he'll even sing and fight at the same time? Even Archer's never done that before.

archer season 5 episode online vice (Photo: Facebook / Archer)

But what Archer has done before is date Lana. The show usually focuses on the comedy and action of being a highly capable secret agent, but what about the relationships. According to "Archer" season 1, Lana's always been baby-crazy and now she finally has one to call her own. But we also know that Archer has always held a special place in her heart for Lana, even if it doesn't seem like it at all times. Will Archer decide to step in and help Lana raise her child? He already has some practice with the Wee Baby Seamus. Though if that's any indication of his parenting skills, maybe Lana's better off without his help.

Everything about this season of "Archer" has been unique compared to past years of the show. The humor will always be the same but between giving away ISIS, selling of cocaine left and right and Cheryl's (Carol's?) new career path, "Archer" season 5 so far is one for the record books.

Do you plan to watch this latest episode of "Archer"? What are you looking forward to most? Let us know in the comments!

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