Watch "American Horror Story: Asylum" season 2 episode 11 "Spilt Milk" online for free live.

The preview, which you can watch below, starts off with a shot of Dylan MCDermott, as Johnny Thredson. When a woman asks Thredson "How bad do you want to taste this?" He replies, "I'd kill for it!" From the get-go, it looks like it'll be a good episode as the second season of "American Horror Story" concludes.

Jude is in a little predicament with the Monsignor, since she know about him killing SIster Mary Eunice. Mother Superior/Sister Claudia seems like she believes Jude, but she challenges Lana and tells her that she knows the details on how Lana was admitted to Briarcliff, but she want to help her out and "make it right," as opposed to something a little more sinister. It seems like Mother Superior/Sister Claudia helps Lana escape Briarcliff, since the next scene in the preview features Lana walking in a hallway wearing a dress, gloves, and heels; quite different from a patient gown. The scene ends with Lana holding a gun to Dr. Thredson, but will she have the gall to pull the trigger? We'll find out next week.

The official synopsis reads as follows: "Grace brings Kit devastating news about the aliens’ experiments on Alma. Dr. Thredson receives an unexpected visitor. The Monsignor goes to extreme lengths to silence Jude."

"American Horror Story: Asylum" season 2 episode 11, "Spilt Milk," airs tonight at 10 PM EST on FX Network. Or, you can watch it live by clicking the link below. But, please, do so at your own risk.

Watch "American Horror Story: Asylum" season 2 episode 11, "Spilt Milk," online for free live.

Watch a preview of tonights episode below:

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