The 11th episode of Season 4 of "The Voice" airs Monday night on NBC. You can watch the episode live at 8 p.m. ET, but if you cannot get to a television, you can also watch the first knockout rounds online for free on Tuesday at

Before you watch the 11th episode of "The Voice" Season 4 live or online for free, here is a preview of Monday's knockout rounds.

Last week marked the final battle rounds, as the field on "The Voice" Season 4 was narrowed down to 32. As People notes, each coach now has six of his or her original team members, plus two contestants that he or she stole from an opponent during the battle rounds.

Per Rolling Stone, the one steal of last Tuesday's episode came from Usher following a Latina showdown between two of Shakira's contestants, Mary Miranda and Cathia. The 17-year-old Miranda struggled to learn the song throughout the week but ultimately performed well enough to beat Cathia in the battle rounds. Usher then swooped in and used his final steal of the season on New York native Cathia.

As the Los Angeles Times notes, Shakira's second battle of Tuesday's episode of "The Voice" Season 4 pitted teenager Brandon Roush against older rocker Shawna P. The two dueted on "Piece Of My Heart," which seemed perfect for the latter's voice. Indeed, Shakira picked her as the winner of the battle round, while Roush was eliminated.

The final featured battle of the last episode included early favorite Sarah Simmons beating little-seen Duncan Kamakana. Per BuddyTV, Adam Levine assigned his two team members a Lady Antebellum song, and Simmons' emotional connection shined once again. She unsurprisingly advanced to the knockout rounds.

According to John Kubicek of BuddyTV, the knockout rounds of "The Voice" Season 4 will feature two contestants from each squad going head-to-head on different songs. The winner will advance to the live shows as one of the final 16.

Besides Simmons, another early frontrunner is fellow Team Adam member Judith Hill. TVGuide noted that whoever faces Hill in the battle rounds is not likely to survive, while Michael Slezak of TVLine ranked her as his top competitor heading into "The Voice" Season 4 battle rounds. Hill, who was scheduled to duet with Michael Jackson on his "This Is It" tour, has impressed all four coaches with her strong voice, though some may view her as a bit of a ringer because of all of her experience.

Per Slezak, other names to watch in the knockout rounds include rocker Karina Iglesias, who lost her battle round to Hill but was subsequently stolen by Shakira, quirky Michelle Chamuel from Team Usher, and one-handed guitar player Grace Askew from Blake Shelton's squad.

Did you watch "The Voice" Season 4 episode 11 live or online for free? Post your thoughts on the knockout rounds in our comments section below.

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