Watch "The Bible" premiere episodes 1 and 2 online for free tonight: This article will tell you how to watch the new "History Channel" show about biblical times. You can watch it online or catch "The Bible" live stream tonight at 8 p.m.

If you didn't watch "The Bible" premiere last night on the History Channel you'll definitely want to catch up on the new graphic take on the classic biblical story. Episode 1 and 2 ("In the Beginning" and "Exodus") cover much of the Jewish Bible (also called the "Old Testament") starting in the Garden of Eden and telling the story of Noah and the flood before moving through the life of Moses, who freed the Jews from slavery in Egypt.

Another reason to watch "The Bible" online for free tonight via History Channel live stream is to catch up on what may prove to be the most watched cable TV event of 2013. Last night, the mini-series premiere drew 13 million viewers, making it the most-watched cable broadcast of the year so far. You can catch a repeat of the premiere tonight on TV or via live stream, or watch "The Bible" right now online for free.

You can watch "The Bible" online for free at your leisure over at BTVGuide. However, please proceed at your own risk. IDT cannot be held responsible for what happens once you leave our website.

Here's that link: Watch "The Bible" premiere episode online for free tonight.

You can also watch "The Bible" premiere live stream online for free tonight when it airs again on the "History Channel." But again, please proceed at your own risk.

And here's that link: Watch "The Bible" live stream premiere online tonight for free.

Now that you've watched "The Bible" premiere from the "History Channel" tell us what you thought of episodes one and two. Share your thoughts, praise and criticism in the comments below.