A special episode of "The Bachelor" airs Tuesday night at 9 p.m., ET, on ABC. If you cannot get to a television, you can also watch a live stream of the show online for free here, but please, click on that link at your own risk.

Tuesday's episode will feature a sit-down interview with "The Bachelor" himself, Sean Lowe, and the show's host, Chris Harrison. According to WetPaint, Lowe will discuss his thoughts on the final three ladies, along with this season's villain, Tierra. As Hollywood Reporter notes, the show will also include never-before-seen footage from the season thus far and a preview of the drama to come in the final weeks.

As USA Today notes, those final three girls are AshLee, Catherine and Lindsay. They, along with this season's fourth-place finisher, Desiree, took Lowe to their hometowns during Monday night's episode.

AshLee's father told the emotional story of the day he first saw his daughter, whom he adopted at the age of four. Catherine's date, meanwhile, was a bit tenser, as her mother warned Lowe not to lead her daughter on. She also would not promise to give their engagement her blessing. Lindsay's father also questioned Lowe's intentions at first ,but ultimately he said he would support "The Bachelor" star if he chose to propose.

On Lowe's final date of the evening, things got even more awkward between Lowe and Desiree's family. As the Los Angeles Times notes, Desiree's brother, Nate, questioned Lowe's intentions and called him a playboy. In the end, Lowe went back and forth between Catherine and Desiree before sending the latter home.

Indeed, Harrison admitted in his blog on Monday that he feels Desiree's brother was ultimately the reason for her elimination from "The Bachelor."

"In the end I think it's safe to say that Des' brother sabotaged his sister and ruined their relationship," he wrote on EW.com. "At this point in the game, there's very little separating these four women."

Meanwhile, Lowe told People.com that Monday night's decision was one of his toughest yet. He did not specifically cite Desiree's brother as a reason for her "Bachelor" elimination, though he did note that he was not sure if he could be in the same family with Nate.

"I wasn't ready to see her [Desiree] go, but I knew if I kept her I'd have to send someone else home in her place, and I wasn't prepared to do that," Lowe said. "It was an excruciating, confusing and emotional night, and I was just praying that I wouldn't regret my decision."

Lowe will go into that decision in more detail on Tuesday night's show. While he obviously cannot reveal who ultimately won his heart, reports indicate that his engagement is still going strong. According to Life & Style Weekly, Lowe is still with the winning "Bachelor" contestant and hopes to marry her before the end of the summer.

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