The fourth episode of season 17 of "The Bachelor" airs Monday night on ABC. If you cannot get to a television, you can watch a live stream online for free here, but please, click on that link at your own risk.

Last week, Bachelor Sean Lowe and Lesley broke the Guinness record for the world's longest kiss, according to the Wall Street Journal. Meanwhile, Sean and Ashley spent time with some terminally ill children before enjoying a concert by the Eli Young Band. Both of these two ladies received roses, but Kacie, Taryn and Kristy were sent home, leaving 13 women remaining in the fight to win Lowe's heart.

That episode also featured a scary moment when contestant Tierra was sent to the hospital after falling down the stairs. Another medical emergency will reportedly take place in episode four, as Lowe will take eight of the remaining girls on a roller derby date. According to Hollywood Life, contestant Amanda will fall during the competition and must be taken to the hospital with a broken jaw.

"It's a really physical date, a really rough date," host Chris Harrison told "First of all, Sarah is on this date, and physically, she has trouble overcoming that with only one arm. There's that dynamic, and then literally, the girls are just falling on their butts and it hurts, and it's not fun, and it's not sexy, so Sean has to readjust the date on the fly."

BuddyTV reports that Leslie and Selma will receive one-on-one dates with Sean in this week's "Bachelor." Selma is taken to a local national park, where the two go rock climbing, while Leslie is treated to a shopping spree along Rodeo Drive. Leslie also receives a fancy dinner and a private concert from Ben Taylor.

The aforementioned Tierra will also continue to create drama, according to Harrison.

"Tierra, or Tierrable as they call her now, is on that group date, and people will see that just like last week, she's stirring the pot," the "Bachelor" host told "Just when you think she's gonna make things right, she doesn't."

However, it looks as if fans will have to put up with Tierra for at least another week. [SPOILERS AHEAD]

According to Reality Steve, the villain survives to the next round in Monday's episode. However, Leslie is sent home during her one-on-one date. Selma, meanwhile, advances to the top 11 as well, but poor, injured Amanda, is dismissed during the rose ceremony.

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