The 11th episode of Season 17 of "The Bachelor" airs Monday night at 8 p.m., ET, on ABC. If you cannot get to a television, you can also watch a live stream of the "Women Tell All" special online for free here, but please, click on that link at your own risk.

Monday night features the ever-popular "Women Tell All" special. The eliminated girls will chat with host Chris Harrison about their experiences on "The Bachelor" this season.

According to Harrison, one of the most intense moments of the episode will occur when ousted competitor AshLee confronts the man who broke her heart. As USA Today noted, AshLee declared her love for Sean Lowe throughout last week's overnight dates, even telling the camera that she would accept his proposal. However, Lowe did not feel the same way and sent her home.

"As you will find out [tonight], I think in her mind, her perception was that things were said and talked about and promised," Harrison told E! Online. "She not only thought that she was the one, but definitely getting a rose, and when all that was kind of ripped out from under her, I think she was really taken aback. Honestly, it was the maturity of her that made her walk away without saying anything, or the wrong thing, or in lieu of saying probably what was on her mind, which was probably eight F-bombs. God knows what she was going to say. Instead, I think she just thought 'I'm going to walk away'"

Harrison added that this ultimately led to a "heated confrontation" during Monday's episode of "The Bachelor."

Another moment to watch will be Harrison's interview with Sarah. As US Weekly noted, the fan favorite was surprisingly sent home in the sixth episode of when Sean Lowe decided there was no real chemistry between the two.

"One of my favorite interviews was Sarah," Harrison told TVGuide. "She's so eloquent ... when she expresses herself, and I just wanted to grab her and hug her and tell her it's OK. But that's exactly what she doesn't want because everybody tells her that. But that was definitely the most heartfelt moment."

Of course, most of the drama on Monday will likely center around this season's villain on "The Bachelor." According to Zap2It, Harrison asked several of the other ladies, particularly Robyn and Jackie, for their thoughts on Tierra. Jackie apparently called out the contestant as a fake, while Tierra in return noted that she cannot control her facial expressions, including her infamous eyebrow.

Tierra will also likely be grilled on her recent engagement. US Weekly reported the contestant's impending nuptials last month, though it is still unclear exactly who the (unlucky?) man is. Harrison told E! that Tierra does confirm her engagement on Monday's show, but the villain does not give away too many other details.

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