Watch "Vikings" season 2 episode 1 online on the History Channel (HERE) as the popular series returns on February 27 at 10pm ET following the dramatic events of season 1. When we last left off in "Vikings" we saw that battle lines had been drawn for a "Brother's War" with Ragnar and Rollo facing off on different sides. Ragnar had moved toward Athlesthan, deciding to leave Lagertha in part due to the promise that Athlestan could bear him more sons. Following his successful raids against the Kingdom of Northumbria and his usurpation of the Jarl of Cattegut, Ragnar had sworn himself as a vassal to King Horik of Denmark. Meanwhile his brother Rollo, whose loyalty had often wavered seems to have chosen the opposite side of Jarl Borg in Norway.

In "Vikings" season 2 episode 1 online the battle lines have been drawn. Jarl Borg and King Horik are in a land dispute. King Horik sought to have Ragnar assassinate Jarl Borg but Ragnar declined and instead chose to sleep with Athlestan. King Horik and Ragnar must now face Jarl Borg and Rollo openly in the field of battle. We have been promised by "Vikings" creator David Hirst that "Vikings" season 2 will see more bloody battles, even larger than the ones we saw in Northumbria. We have already seen some scenes of the battle and it seems to indicate that Loki will die at the hands of Rollo. We see them engage in a duel with Rollo quickly getting the better of him and the clip cuts off with Rollo appearing to put his axe into Loki's head.

In "Vikings" season 2 episode 1 online there will be a time jump. While we will pick up from the battle and it may appear that the series continues smoothly in reality several major things have change. Firstly Lagertha and Ragnar have separated with Bjorn now being older and a more skilled swordsman after being raised under the tutelage of a harsh new stepfather. While Ragnar may have gotten with Athlesthan and is perhaps seeking to get sons, Lagertha has become as powerful as a Jarl in her own right. Some "Vikings" season 2 trailers appear to show some interesting creep images. The latest trailer is particular good and shows the various characters arrayed against each other in dramatic season.

In "Vikings" season 2 episode 1 online we can expect to see the battle but also the fallout of some of the events of "Vikings" season 2 episode 1. The battle will have some major results, but in particular it is the relationship between Ragnar and Lagertha that interests us most. How does Ragnar react when he learns that his daughter has died of the plague along with a significant part of Cattegut? How does he react to the perceived betrayal of his brother Rollo who seems to have sided against his enemy Jarl Borg? And most importantly, how long will Ragnar remain under the rule of King Horik of Denmark? From what we have heard the events in Scandinavia are just a sideshow in the grand scale of the season. What interests us is King Eckbert of Wessex, the ruler of the most powerful kingdom of England. He rules a more powerful kingdom than Northumbria and we can expect him to put up a serious challenge if raided by Ragnar. An other interest note is that Bjorn is now played by Alexander Ludwig from the Hunger Games and is now a bold and powerful warrior, worthy of Ragnar's name. We will

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