Walmart Goodies, the latest initiative from the big box store, will allow shoppers to discover new food from the comfort of their home for only $7 per month. Walmart Goodies is a mail subscription service that the company says will allow shoppers, even those without a Walmart store near them, to obtain samples of new, and in some cases organic or artisanal, food.

Walmart Goodies, which Walmart began testing three months ago, already has 3,000 subscribers, and is prepping for a widespread release. For a fee of $7 per month, Walmart Goodie subscribers can get a box of five to eight hand-picked, sample-sized foods that are not available on Walmart shelves. For November, the box included pumpkin souffle mix, white cheddar popcorn and dark chocolate-infused Quinoa bars.

"We are very selective here at Goodies Co.," Walmart Goodies says on its website. "Only wow-factor foods make it into the Taster's Box. Products are sampled by a wide range of people in our Tasting Lab. Only products that score the highest earn a coveted slot in our Taster's Box."

Here's how Walmart Goodies works: You sign up for the program here. The monthly price is half of what it would cost to buy the items separately, and after uses try them, they can buy the items on the Walmart Goodies website. Users can also review products for points that can be redeemed for discounts at the Walmart Goodies website.

Ravi Raj, vice president of products at San Bruno, Calif.-based Walmart Labs, told the Associated Press that Walmart Goodies gives the already giant store room to expand even more.

"Wal-Mart is the largest grocer but there's room for us to innovate," Raj said.