Season 3 of "The Walking Dead" just came to an end, but fans of the AMC series can't help but think about what comes next. After an action packed season finale that left many questions, we've got a little scoop on what viewers can expect when the show returns for season 4 in October.

Tyreese And Sasha

Tyreese (Chad Coleman) joined "The Walking Dead" halfway through its third season. A pretty major player in the comics, Tyrese has kept relatively low key on screen so far. Fortunately for Tyrese fans, TVLine is reporting that we'll be seeing a lot more of him in season 4. The site reveals that Tyrese and his sister Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) have been upgraded from recurring characters to series regulars when the show returns.

In the comics Tyrese becomes Rick's right-hand man after Shane dies. He became one of the leaders of the group of survivors alongside Rick, Hershel and Dale.

While in the comics Tyrese joins Rick's crew with his daughter and her boyfriend, the TV series had him finding Rick in a group with his sister and another family. Tyrese's group didn't last long at the prison due to Rick's hallucinations of Lori, however they didn't find solace with the Governor at Woodbury. When a majority of the Woodbury residents just followed the Governor's biddings, Tyrese and Sasha kept their beliefs and stood up to the Governor.

The season 3 finale concluded with Tyrese and Sasha joining forces with Rick for the safety of the survivors at both Woodbury and the prison. Now in season 4, Rick will have a lot more people to look out for, and it appears that Tyrese will step up to help. In a preview video, the cast and crew discuss the burden that these extra people will place on Rick. This "burden" has fans speculating on Tyrese finally becoming one of Rick's confidant's alongside Daryl and Hershel.


Although Beth (Emily Kinney) is one of the few survivors at the prison, she hasn't taken on too big of a role yet. While Daryl, Maggie and Glenn work on protecting their surroundings, Beth has hung back and watched over baby Judith.

In season 4 it appears that viewers will be seeing Beth in a different light. TVLine reports that Kinney's role as also been upgraded from recurring to season regular.

"I think Beth will grow up a lot and take on new responsibilities," Kinney said in the video previewing the next season. "I think it's going to be really exciting to see what happens with the baby and see how the family grows and changes.

Could Kinney be hinting at a possible romance with one of the Grimes men? Previous episodes make it seem as if Carl could have a crush on his 17-year-old "prison-mate," however fans couldn't help but speculate over the blushing kiss that Beth planted on Rick's cheek in season 3.

Season 4, which will begin filming this May, is said to be "bigger, badder, meaner and bloodier."

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