"Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers came during Comic-Con 2013, as a trailer for season 4 was released, along with information from the show writers and cast. Attending the SDCC panel were showrunner Scott Gimple, producer and comic writer, Robert Kirkman, executive producer David Alpert and executive producer Gale Anne Hurd.

The 'Walking Dead' SDCC panel had about 6,500 people in attendance with the moderator of "Taking Dead" Chris Hardwick running the panel. The show's cast was also present and included Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, David Morrissey, Lauren Cohan and Scott Wilson. Hardwick lead the discussion of the season 4 spoilers after the trailer was released.

You can watch the trailer below:

("Walking Dead season 4 spoilers below)

The show executives spoke about how "Walking Dead" season 4 would, "get insane very quickly," according to Scott Gimple. "It's like we're in the Superbowl and we want to bring the best season ever for the fans,"said Gale Anne Hurd. The "Walking Dead" season 4 trailer seems to confirm this, it shows the actors living in the prison which has become more of a small town after the addition of the surviving resident of Woodbury.

"Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers we can establish from the trailer is that there will be a greater focus on character conflicts despite zombies being a major threat. We can see the characters digging in and fortifying the prison with barricades, spikes and trenches. Clearly they are facing an external threat, something greater than the zombies. We have a fairly good idea that this threat is coming from The Governor, who is still very much alive and out for revenge. According to Scott Gimple:

Gimple explained that The Governor had "received a great deal of positive reinforcement" for many of the terrible things he did, and that now he's received some negative reinforcement for his behavior, that it will inform his character's motivations in the upcoming season.

So the Governor has learned from his mistakes and wants to get revenge against Rick and his crew in "Walking Dead" season 4. We can see in trailer that zombies do manage to invade the prison and several character speculate if they might not be better off outside than inside. Someone is letting zombies into the prison, sabotaging the group and feeding zombies outside. While Kirkam said, "How he returns...will be a mystery," we suspect that The Governnor will be gathering a new group of followers and using supporters within the prison to sabotage and destroy the group. Ultimately as a person who desires power he needs followers, he will want to kill Rick and Rick's core supporters but he will seek to regain the loyalty of the former inhabitants of Woodbury by tearing down Rick. That explains the acts of sabotage we see in the "Walking Dead" season 4 trailer. Morrissey spoke about his character, "He was in a dark place...did some bad things... He went off with two of them. He didn't kill them all! Give him a break." It's true that The Governor did have two henchman left when we last saw him.

A new "Walking Dead" season 4 character is Bob Stookie, played by Lawrence Gillard Jr. Some may remember that he played D'Angelo Barksdale on "The Wire". Unfortunately it looks like Tyreese is going to die to make room for him, we see him blinded in one eye and swarmed by zombies in the trailer. It also appears that his sister, Sasha has been killed sparking his suicidal charge against the zombies. It's been typical for the show to kill off one black character to replace it with a new black character, just as it did with T-Dog. No one thought to question the SDCC panel about that aspect of the show. At times the show writers became stand-offish when it was pointed out that people had become a larger threat than zombies.

Earlier "Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers we had speculated about involved Rick possible being bitten. A set picture leak showed Rick with a heavily bandaged hand and we were aware that in the comic Rick does lose his hand. However, the comic writer Robert Kirkman later regretted the decision for the comics and it appears in the picture that Rick has several unbandaged fingers, so he probably hasn't been bitten. If he had been bitten we would likely have seen his entire hand amputated, as in the comic.

Other "Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers came from Norman Reedus (Daryl) who suggested that the upcoming season would feature more powerful and dangerous zombies. He didn't specify how the zombies would be more powerful or dangerous leaving a couple of possibilities. The first is these are the faster "runner" zombies that we have seen in "28 days Later" and other similar movies. Another possibility is that these could be mutated zombies that are typical of the "Resident Evil" series. Finally, we might see zombies that are organizing behind a leader, like "Big Daddy" from Romero's "Land of the Dead".

Variety points out the following about the Comic-Con 2013 "Walking Dead" season 4 trailer:

One noticeable detail is that the main gate to the prison seems to have been reinforced by some heavier, yellow metal, perhaps implying that the zombies have grown stronger in some way. Adding to this theory is the ominous quote, "They don't spread out anymore." The clip was punctuated by scenes of internal unrest, a cell block attack by an unknown entity, and the fence barely being able to hold back a growing mass of hungry zombies.

The most interesting "Walking Dead" season 4 spoiler involved Rick, he has apparently abdicated his leadership responsibilities because of his worry that Carl is becoming a sociopath. That leaves an open question of who is leading the group now. Perhaps Herschal, Daryl and Glenn are taking on the new role. In season 3 they had already begun to fill Rick's shoes as leaders while he was stuck drowning in grief following the death of Lori.

Whatever the case, "Walking Dead" season 4 is sure to be one of the most interesting season's to date when it premieres on October 13th, Sunday on AMC.

What do you think of the "Walking Dead" season 4 spoilers released during Comic-Con 2013?

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